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Old 03-30-2021, 03:35 AM
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Default Video shows coon brutally beating, choking Asian man on subway in Brooklyn


Video shows man brutally beating, choking Asian man on subway

NEW YORK - A video appeared on social media Monday morning showing a disgusting and appalling incident unfolding on the subway.

The video, which was apparently shot on a Manhattan-bound J train in Bushwick, Brooklyn, shows someone relentlessly punching an Asian man in the head. The beating continues even when the victim curls up into the fetal position. With each blow to the head, the victim's body can be seen convulsing.

The video then shows the attacker then putting the victim in a stranglehold from behind. With his arm around the helpless victim's neck, the assailant locks his arms and appears to choke him unconscious.

At least one subway rider starts to yell "Stop, stop" but the attacker continues the assault, slamming the unconscious victim's face into a seat. The victim's limp body falls to the floor. The assailant then walks off the train as if nothing happened.

Not a single person intervened during the course of the beating.
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