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Old 03-29-2021, 04:23 AM
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Default North Vancouver, BC library stabbing spree: Female in 20's dead, perp is negro from Ivory Coast


Charge laid in multi-victim stabbing in North Vancouver that left one dead
A 28-year-old man is facing a second-degree murder charge

North Vancouver RCMP have charged a 28-year-old man with second-degree murder after yesterday's stabbing spree outside the Lynn Valley library.

Yannick Bandaogo
is facing the charge after a woman in her late 20s died in the attack; the investigation into the attack continues. He is in police custody after undergoing surgery for self-inflicted wounds, according to the RCMP.

"His background, history in B.C. and relationship to the victims, if any, is still being determined," states the RCMP in a press release.

The investigation is continuing as is support for the victims.

Six people were wounded in the attack. The remaining victims were transported to hospital for non-life threatening emergency medical care.


Vancouver wounding speculate Yannick Bandaogo Nationality and beginning are a subject of concern. Here is all that we think about the offender of the North Vancouver library wounding.

28-year-old Yannick Bandaogo was captured in North Vancouver on the charge of second degree murder. He killed a lady in her late 20s and harmed 6 others outside the Lynn Valley library on Saturday evening. Yannick has a long criminal record.

Discussing Yannick Bandaogo’s name root, He is initially from Ivory Coast, West Africa. Yannick’s identity is Ivorian.
Moreover, Bandaogo’s identity is African. He was living in Montreal, Canada, where he was worked on boxing. As indicated by CTV News, Yannick was a decent and amiable individual and had a decent connection with his mentor.

This isn’t the first run through Yannick has been captured. In September 2020, he was captured for attack and in October 2018, he was condemned to 3 months in prison for 2 unique attacks.

Here’s what we know about the man charged in the fatal North Vancouver stabbing attackhttps://t.co/iEhT3OtTvg

— TG Time (@tvguidetime) March 29, 2021

He was likewise shipped off jail for multi month for attacking a cop. Yannick likewise has a record of not going to a court hearing. Nonetheless, this is his first homicide case. He will undoubtedly confront a long prison time for this wrongdoing.
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