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Old 03-28-2021, 08:40 AM
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Default Man charged with hate crimes after allegedly harassing Asian woman in NYC


Man charged with hate crimes after allegedly harassing Asian woman in NYC
By Jesse O’Neill
March 27, 2021 | 8:12pm | Updated

The man police say mocked and harassed an Asian woman in Midtown. DCPI

A man has been charged with hate crimes after allegedly harassing a 65-year-old Asian woman with racial slurs in Midtown, in the latest bias crime against the vulnerable community.

East Harlem resident Bobby Eli, 48, allegedly approached the victim on West 40th Street near Port Authority on Friday afternoon, and started mocking the woman over her blue hairdo, sources said.

When the victim turned around to face the tormentor, Eli’s attacks became racial, according to sources.

“You stupid Chinese blue hair. You stupid Chinese b—h,” the man said, according to sources.

“Why you have blue hair, b—h?” the man asked, as he continued to berate her, sources said.

The balding, bearded suspect also waved an unidentified object at the victim as he pushed a stroller full of “unknown objects,” said police.

Eli was arrested after the woman snapped a picture of him with her phone, according to authorities.

He is charged with second degree aggravated harassment as a hate crime and menacing in the third degree as a hate crime, police said.

The NYPD has recorded a 1,300 percent increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans since the coronavirus pandemic began.
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