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Old 03-27-2021, 10:16 AM
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Default Maryland PTA has Charter Revoked - President LaTonja Carrera Faces Criminal Charges!

National PTA Revokes Charter of Maryland PTA

The day the national socked it to the state of Maryland PTA! Their website homepage has a section describing, "What Does We Do"

The "leadership" section hardly has any listed members, although their President LaTonja Carrera has a link underneath her name below as well as a few short paragraphs to show a bit about LahTawnjuh!

The annual report for 2019 said the Maryland PTA’s bank balance had plummeted below zero, to a deficit of $68.16.


The National Parent Teacher Association revoked the charter of its Maryland chapter three days after a News4 I-Team investigation revealed a series of allegations of mismanagement and a series of recent criminal charges against the Maryland PTA president in unrelated cases.

“It is with deep regret that I must inform you that the Board of Directors of National PTA has voted to revoke the charter of the Maryland PTA effective immediately,” said a letter from National PTA president Leslie* Boggs to local PTA councils in Maryland. Boggs’ announcement said there were failures by the Maryland PTA to provide financial information, failure to provide information about its operations and set elections for leadership.****


What Does We Do?

PTA provides parents and teachers with a way to share their experience and knowledge about children. PTA members support public education and work to improve children’s health and safety. PTAs speak on behalf of children–who can’t effect change for themselves–at local, state and national government levels.



Executive Committee and Board of Directors Members

*Dr. T. Carrera – President: *president@mdpta.org


The president of the Maryland PTA faces a criminal charge and is accused of stealing money from a Southeast Washington, D.C., military veteran to pay her own bills, including her cable and internet expenses. *

Court filings reviewed by the News4 I-Team say LaTonja Carrera stole money from the account of the veteran at a mental health facility in D.C. in 2019, where the veteran lived and where Carrera served as an administrator. * *

An attorney for the Maryland PTA said Carrera has served as president of the state PTA for nearly a month and remains on the job pending the outcome of the criminal case. *

*President-Elect: *presidentelect@mdpta.org

*T. Thomas – Secretary: secretary@mdpta.org

*Bruce Butz – Treasurer:* treasurer@mdpta.org

*Quantane Higginbotham – Vice President for Leadership Development: *vpleadership@mdpta.org

**Vice President for Advocacy: *vpadvocacy@mdpta.org

*Vice President for Membership: ptamembership@mdpta.org

*Vice President for Field Service: vpfieldservice@mdpta.org

*Members of the Board of Directors

Office Committee Chair: officecommitteechair@mdpta.org

Arts and Education Committee Chair: artsineducation@mdpta.org

Bylaws Chair: bylawschair@mdpta.org

Dr. Matthew Fogg – Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair: diversity@mdpta.org

Family & Community Engagement Chair: familyandcommunityengagement@mdpta.org

Federal Legislative Chair: federallegislationchair@mdpta.org

Health and Safety Committee Chair: healthandsafetychairperson@mdpta.org

Student Representative: Vacant
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Old 03-28-2021, 10:24 AM
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Default Re: Maryland PTA has Charter Revoked - President LaTonja Carrera Faces Criminal Charges!

The annual report for 2019 said the Maryland PTA’s bank balance had plummeted below zero, to a deficit of $68.16.
After a quick series of resignations, a new president, LaTonja Carrera, took over the organization in November. As she attempted to save the organization, Carrera was also facing newly filed criminal charges unrelated to the PTA. The I-Team found Carrera was charged in two separate theft cases during the same month she took over as Maryland PTA president. Her attorney said she has been falsely accused. During an interview with the I-Team, Carrera would not comment on the charges, but did say, "My personal business has nothing to do with my ability to run Maryland state PTA."

In a statement to the I-Team about the National PTA announcement about decertifying the Maryland chapter, Carrera said, “I personally believe the revocation of the affiliation agreement is retaliation against my revelation of a plot of individuals affiliated with National PTA attempting to mismanage and bankrupt our organization. Leslie Boggs has not once reached out, said hi, or offered any support to me as Maryland PTA president. I find all of her public statements to be disingenuous and look forward to revealing the behind-the-scenes truth in the near future.”

Maryland PTA President Faces Charges in Unrelated Cases
The Maryland PTA is facing an uncertain future, operating on probation after years of financial problems. The new leader of the association charged with righting the ship is dealing with her own legal challenges. The News4 I-Team’s Scott MacFarlane reports the woman assigned to save the organization is trying to save herself from possible prison time.
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