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Old 03-18-2021, 04:33 AM
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Default Mentally ill Rochester, NY WM, 53 dies after set on fire by 2 colored boys with criminal histories


'I didn't do it!' 16-year-old yells at his murder arraignment in death of man set on fire

Created: March 17, 2021 06:13 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Two teenagers charged with murder in the death of a man set on fire pleaded not guilty in a virtual court arraignment Wednesday.

The same two teenagers were arrested together by Gates Police two months ago for being in a stolen car.

Gates Police charged one teen's father and the other teen's mother.

The Gates chief says the charge was for not supervising their children and not knowing where they were. But six weeks after those tickets were written, Rochester Police say the same two teenagers lit a man on fire and he died three days later.

The teenagers, 16-year-old Jayvion Perry and 14-year-old Adriel Riley Jr., are in the Children's Detention Center on no bail.

The prosecutor called this a "brutal and vicious crime."

The victim is Steven Amenhauser, a man who grew up in Texas. Police say he lived alone in a Lyell Avenue apartment after his long-time girlfriend died in October. Monroe County Legislator Vince Felder told News10NBC the county will pay for Amenhauser's funeral. Felder sponsored a bill to raise the amount of money the county can spend on an indigent funeral from $1,250 to $2,000. The bill passed unanimously at the county legislature meeting on March 9.

Capt. Frank Umbrino, RPD Major Crimes: "Unfortunately there was no family in his life at the time of his death. So the reason I'm telling you a little bit about him is because there is nobody else to speak for him."

Umbrino described Amenhausser as "vulnerable" and in "declining health."

Police say Amenhauser died three days after Perry and Riley doused him with a flammable liquid and set him on fire.

In a virtual court hearing Wednesday, Perry yelled out "I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I told them!"

Jessica Naclerio, the attorney for Riley, told Family Court Judge Stacey Romeo that Riley "helped to stop the fire."

Gates Police say Perry and Riley junior were arrested at 1:15 a.m. on Jan. 30 for having a stolen car.

Chief Jim VanBrederode, Gates Police: "We called their parents in. Parents came in. Neither of them knew where their kids were and in our opinion, that was their failure to supervise their kids."

So Gates Police charged Perry's mother and Riley's father with endangering the welfare of a child. The policy started three years ago when New York reformed the way minors are handled after they get arrested.

VanBrederode: "And let's start holding someone accountable. And not that we want to put them in jail but it's about waking up somebody to say hey—you're the parent. The child is 14. The child is 16. You have a job to do."

Brean: "Is that working do you think? Ticketing parents?"

VanBrederode: "I don't know because we've been doing this for about three years. We've probably done it about eight to 10 times in the past three years."

Before the court, I visited the homes of Perry and Riley.

Riley's sisters answered the door and I introduced myself and said I would like to talk to Adriel's mother and father. The sisters relayed a message from their mother that she wasn't interested in talking.

Gates Police say Riley was also charged with third degree robbery after he robbed a deaf man in a parking lot on Chili Avenue on Sept. 27, 2020.

There are mixed reviews on whether or not charging parents for things their children are accused of doing works. Riley's father and Perry's mother are scheduled to be arraigned on their endangering ticket next Tuesday night in Gates Town Court.

Perry and Riley are eligible to testify at the grand jury Friday. They have a scheduled hearing to see if they should remain detained Monday afternoon.

The county is working with RPD and a neighborhood church to make funeral arrangements for Amenhauser.

For those interested in helping with and attending the funeral of Steven Amenhauser, read this. @news10nbc pic.twitter.com/lF7K1gduAi
— Berkeley Brean (@whec_bbrean) March 18, 2021


A teen told a judge he didn't set a man on fire. Police say he admitted it to them

Wednesday, March 17th 2021

(WHAM) - In an outburst during a virtual court appearance from the 16-year-old accused of setting a man on fire: "I didn't kill him."

Zayvion Perry, 16, and a 14-year-old accomplice are accused of intentionally setting Steven Amenhauser on fire on March 12. The 53-year-old man died four days later.

Perry and Adriel Riley Jr. are being held at the Monroe Couny Children's Detention Center. In a virtual court appearance, each suspect pleaded not guilty, and a judge ordered them held no bail and no release.

n footage recorded by 13WHAM outside the Lyell Avenue apartment, a coat belonging to a mail carrier can be seen laying on the sidewalk. That jacket was used to try to smother the flames from Amenhauser's clothing and body.

Rochester Police investigators said he was doused in a flammable liquid. An investigator said both teens made spoken admissions at the scene.

Court documents said Perry also made admissions in a written statement. An affidavit by RPD Investigator Nicholas Mazzola states Perry admitted that after the victim was covered in the liquid, "he did attempt to ignite the floor area," and "the other participant in the crime then set fire to the victim."

Records show the teen and his mother waived their Miranda rights to an attorney before the statement.

After the death of his wife, Rochester Police said Amenhauser had no family to whom he could turn. He was set on fire as he sat in a chair in his apartment on Lyell Avenue. He suffered second and third-degree burns over 70 percent of his body.

When asked by reporters, Rochester Police could not give a motive for the fire.

Both teens appeared virtually in Court Wednesday from the Children's Detention Center.

Perry held his head in his hands and repeatedly said, "I didn't do it. I didn't do it." A few minutes later, he stood and said, "I didn't kill him."

Police say Riley also made oral admissions at the scene.

Riley has a family court record. In September, he was charged with robbing a victim at knifepoint in Gates. A month later, a second robbery report was taken in the City of Rochester.

Then in February, Gates Police said both Riley and Perry were found in a stolen car.

"Nobody is winning. Nobody is winning under this current system," said Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode.

On the night of the armed robbery, Gates Police said Riley's mother rented a hotel room for the 14-year-old and some of his friends. After his arrest, police charged her with endangering the welfare of a child.

In January, after the stolen car incident, Riley's father was arrested, along with one of Perry's parents. Each are facing the same charge.


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