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Old 03-10-2021, 06:23 AM
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Default Toronto smoke jumper hacked deaf wif machete, "neighbor" charged indignity to a carcass

I think I got this right, 4 actors involved: her first buck gets shot dead 2013, new buck machete hacks her, he's shot dead by kwops, probably a nigger neighbor takes remains to waste facility...


WARMINGTON: More charges in murder of woman family say is Amanda Killeen

Orson York, 59, has now had the charge of a “accessory after the fact to murder” added to his court sheet.

February 26, 2021

A man already charged with committing an indignity to a human body in the murder of a woman on George Street has been hit with a new and disturbing allegation.

Orson York, 59
, charged Wednesday for his alleged part in disposing of a female victim inside an apartment building at 291 George St., has now had the charge of a “accessory after the fact to murder” added to his court sheet

“Murder” is the key word in this charge. Up until Friday, the Tuesday morning incident has been referred to as a suspicious death. But Toronto Police spokesperson Connie Osborne has indicated it will now be referred to Homicide No. 12 of 2021.

What is still not official is the identification of the murder victim.

However, a family member tells the Toronto Sun that the family has been told by police that they believe the human remains located are that of Amanda Killeen.

“Her mother, Patty (Patricia Stinson), was at 51 Division and (was) told that she has been identified,” said the relative.
Article content

It’s now just a matter of waiting for the science to officially confirm it.

The family, though, are not waiting for the formal declaration and have OK’d a GoFundMe campaign being organized by close Killeen friend Simone Smith.

The focus is to raise money to help her three children.

“Amanda Killeen, aka Slim’s, beautiful life was taken tragically at the tender age of 32 just a couple weeks shy of her 33rd birthday,” wrote Smith on the GoFundMe. “She was brutally murdered in an inhumane way.

“She was taken from her three beautiful children Jahcai, 13, Ky-Vaughn, 9, and Anique, 8,
whom she loved more then words can describe. Amanda/Slim put her kids before anything and anyone.”

Killeen had been missing since Feb. 19 and it was her mother who is said to have told police of the George St. address of a former boyfriend.

“It’s horrifying,” the relative said of the whole incident, which includes reports of the victim’s remains being taken to a dumpster area in garbage bags. “No human being should be treated in this way.”

The relative described Killeen as “very kind, a great mother but someone who was naive.” The family member said she was “quiet” and “caring” to a fault.

Tragedy and murder had visited her life before as well.

“The father of her two youngest children was gunned down,” said the family member. “She had a tough life.”

In this incident, police probing her disappearance shot to death a man named Gedi Ali Gedi, who sources tell me had attacked ETF officers with a machete. The SIU is investigating.

But the relative said the family had believed Killeen “had managed to get away from him and his abuse” toward her.

“Something lured her back,”
said the relative. “It saddens me. She was the sweetest girl.”


Human remains found near Toronto apartment where man was shot and killed by police

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has identified a man shot and killed by police during an interaction inside an apartment building near Dundas and Jarvis.

Officers responded to a call about a missing person, a woman, just before 4:00 a.m. Tuesday at an apartment on George Street.

The SIU says police were on the third floor when an interaction ensued with a resident leading to two officers discharging their firearms.

One man was shot as a result. He was transported to hospital and later succumbed to his injuries.

The SIU identified the victim as 45-year-old Gedi Ali Gedi. They say a post-mortem was conducted on Wednesday.

Police also announced that charges have been laid against another man in connection to an investigation of a missing woman.

They confirmed on Wednesday that investigators have discovered the remains of a human body. The remains have not yet been formally identified and the homicide unit has taken over the case.

They say 59-year-old Orson York of Toronto has been charged with indignity to a human body. He made a virtual court appearance on Tuesday.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing.


Homicide #12-Amanda Killeen
on February 26, 2021

Police attended Gedi's unit at 291 George on Tuesday morning in search of Amanda only to be attacked by Gedi with a machete. The interaction became violent and Gedi was shot and killed by Police. Police didn't get to determine where Amanda was.

Police have arrested Gedi's neighbour Orson York who has been charged with indignity to a body and accessory after the fact. Sadly when this is the case, a body is dismembered in someway. Police did take the garbage bin from 291 George and it was brought in as evidence to a waste facility. Clearly they found something in there. Orson is cooperating with police, so we may hear details of what may have ended this young woman's life.

Amanda was a mother of three, like any woman, she trusted a man she cared for and unfortunately he may have taken her life. Police are still tight lipped about details however I'm sure we will hear more soon.




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