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Default James Wilson IV shoots up Martin Luther King Blvd in Mobile Al

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Old 02-18-2021, 12:55 PM
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Default Re: James Wilson IV shoots up Martin Luther King Blvd in Mobile Al

January double homicide suspect, with prior homicide conviction has preliminary hearing

Suspect arrested in double homicide on MLK Avenue

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A double homicide suspect was in court Wednesday for his first hearing, bringing new light on the case.

38-year-old James Wilson IV was in court regarding the double homicide on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. last month. Wilson is accused of killing two men, 25-year-old Camdon Jackson, and 26-year-old Van Kennedy. The majority of the proceedings surrounded what exactly happened leading up to the shooting, who shot first, and whether self-defense could be a factor.

A Mobile Police Homicide Detective spoke for the state and witnesses spoken to on scene and after the incident. The witnesses he spoke for told the story of Wilson’s grey SUV coming to a stop in front of the CVS and hearing gunshots coming from both sides. They say the victim’s black Malibu was backed into a tree and Wilson got out of his car and began firing shots at them. The witnesses then saw Wilson get back into his SUV and drive off. He was later questioned by MPD at University Hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

The witnesses did not know who fired the first shots but the defense’s witness did. She says she was in the parking lot of the Checkers, where she is employed, just in front of the shooting scene and she said whichever man was in the passenger’s seat of the Malibu fired two to three shots at Wilson’s SUV before driving around him, leading to Wilson getting out.

This witness saying one of the victim’s family members has told her to keep her mouth shut and that she is afraid for her life. The state during counter pointing out that this witness knew Wilson prior to this incident and that her manager at Checkers says she was not there the day of the shooting.

The court did find probable cause. The defense said the case isn’t clear enough for a capital murder case and they also proposed a bond hearing taking place. Judge Peterson quickly shut that down citing the dangers that could come from it with Wilson already having already been convicted of homicide. Back in 2007, Wilson was convicted of another double homicide in a McDonald’s drive-thru. He served a 20-year split sentence, where he served five years behind bars and five years on probation.

Both sides will be submitting requests for the “First 48” to preserve the evidence they gathered on scene. They will have those filed by next Friday.
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