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Old 01-10-2021, 11:11 AM
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Default Democrat-socialist insurrection scum coup

New Detailed Inventory on Election Fraud in the 2020 Election by Deroy Murdock Provides Strong Evidence on President Trump’s Performance in All the Swing States and Overall Race

January 10, 2021 - News

Link: http://www.cuzzblue.com/2021/01/new-...-election.html

A new report by investigative journalist Deroy Murdock shows that per an inventory of known vote and election fraud issues in the 2020 election, President Trump won the election.

Deroy Murdock is a political commentator and a contributing editor at National Review Online. He’s provided a comprehensive inventory of election and voter fraud issues in the six swing states in the 2020 election at TrumpTrainNews.com. We are told Deroy worked on this report for weeks.

Here are his numbers: [ck site link, above, for illustrations]

In every state (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) there are more fraudulent ballots identified than there are votes Biden reportedly led Trump by.

Deroy reported:

As the nearby chart details, once a variety of categories of allegedly improper or illegal votes have been subtracted from Biden’s margins of victories, his wins become losses in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If those states shift into President Donald J. Trump’s column, he comfortably would win four more years in the White House.

Some of the more worrisome data include these allegations: 19,997 ballots in Arizona cast by those under age 18. In Georgia, 20,312 out-of-state voters seemingly voted in-state. In Michigan, 27,825 ballots apparently were “requested” by voters who made no such request. Nevada saw 42,284 suspected in-state double voters. Absentee ballots officially recorded as returned on or before the day they were mailed out total 58,221 in Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, 96,437 able-bodied voters evidently skirted the Badger State’s voter ID law by claiming to be “indefinitely confined.”

Beyond this chart, senators and House members of both parties should be chilled to their marrow by a December 22 letter signed by 19 members of Pennsylvania’s State Senate. In that document, and a December 28 news release by 17 of these legislators, they calculate that 202,377 more ballots were cast for president than there were voters who voted. This is called “stuffing the ballot box” and is the most basic and profound species of vote fraud.

We shared with Deroy that an additional 460,000 ballots in Georgia (and no doubt many more in many states), some which might overlap with some of his numbers above, have also been identified as illegitimate.

Everyone knows the results of the 2020 election are invalid. Even the corrupt politicians who ignored the fraud.

We need all the ballots in every state ran through a forensic audit to identify any and all fraudulent ballots and determine the winner of the 2020 Presidential election based on legitimate votes.
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Old 01-10-2021, 11:36 AM
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Default Re: Should Trump invoke "Insurrection act" against the election-steal fraud?

Evidence Mounts of a Capitol Hill False Flag

Link: https://www.globalresearch.ca/eviden...e-flag/5733918

By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, January 08, 2021

With regard to the coverage of the Wednesday Capitol Event, Global Research will be publishing opposing and contradictory points of view by several of our authors.

We are dealing with a complex and far-reaching political process. We are at the crossroads of a major political, economic and social crisis which has bearing on the future of the United States. This crisis must be the object of debate and analysis rather than confrontation of opposing political narratives.


America’s road to hell is paved with diabolical intentions.

9/11 changed everything — followed last year by unleashing The Great Reset war on humanity (sponsored by the World Economic Forum) and Wednesday, January orchestrated Capitol Hill violence that climactically ended Trump’s challenge to stolen US Election 2020.

The above comprise America’s holy trinity of actions on a path toward full-blown tyranny.

Last year may have been a test to see how far US “dark forces” could push Americans to sacrifice fundamental freedoms voluntarily.

A year ago, whoever could have imagined what was about to unfold — based on Big Lies and mass deception.

Who would have thought we’d sacrifice our fundamental right of free movement and assembly, the right to work unobstructed, to travel, enjoy eating out, attend sporting events, the theater, movie theaters, and be involved in other public activities?

Imagine how much worse things may get in the new year.

Will its climax be voluntary acceptance of full-blown tyranny — masquerading as protecting and preserving health, well-being and safety to be lost if dark forces achieve their aims.

We’re lied to with headlines like the following on January 7:

“US counts record of almost 4,000 COVID-19 deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc (sic).”

These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza, perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses — not covid.

Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems.

Headlines like the about are part of a diabolical, state-sponsored fear-mongering campaign.

They’re all about wanting us to voluntarily sacrifice vital freedoms to a higher power — hostile to our health and well-being at the same time.

Wednesday night Capitol Hill violence was likely orchestrated to elevate Biden/Harris to power by ending the Trump-led GOP challenge.

It had earmarks of a well-planned false flag by US dark forces.

It appears that hostile-to-Trump elements infiltrated largely nonviolent Trump protesters.

They got access to Capitol Hill after police and federal law enforcers opened barricades surrounding it, letting them storm the building to commit violence.

Wrongfully blaming Trump for what happened got him to pledge a smooth transition to Biden/Harris on January 20 — ending his hope for a second term.

It also intimidated most Republicans to go along with what came off with military precision by a superior force against an easily overwhelmed weak one.

Inside Capitol Hill, guards led hostile-to-Trump elements to designated areas.

Instead of preventing violence, Capitol Hill security facilitated it in what appears to have been the climax to a homeland color revolution to end Trump’s election challenge by violently quashing it.

It worked as planned when Congress began debating the GOP electoral fraud challenge, ending it violently.

There’s a made-in-the USA war ongoing that aims for transformational change to a ruler-serf society, what’s untenable if achieved.

It’s what the diabolical Great Reset is all about.

We can swim with the tide and lose all rights or resist all-out nonviolently to save them.

At stake is retaining governance as it once was, warts and all, or replacing it with what’s intolerable for anyone to accept.

I’m old school in my 9th decade to pass from the scene when my end time comes ahead, my future largely in the past.

Younger generations have most to lose, a land of opportunity I enjoyed growing up — eliminating in plain sight what’s fast slipping away.

The nation I grew up in no longer exists.

The one diabolical dark forces plan is a lower level of hell that Dante forgot.

Resist or lose everything, including hope.
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Old 01-10-2021, 11:39 AM
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Default Re: Should Trump invoke "Insurrection act" against the election-steal fraud?

Biden Is Not Yet Inaugurated and the Establishment Is Already Fomenting Civil War

January 9, 2021 |Paul Craig Roberts

Link: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/202...g-civil-war-2/

Trump was demonized before he was inaugurated. He was demonized because he was correctly perceived by the Establishment as a threat to the Establishment. Trump’s election surprised the Establishment. The Establishment thought that Establishment control over the media guaranteed their power and was astonished to realize that enough American voters saw through their lies and propaganda to elect a non-establishment figure.

The world does not understand that the American Establishment has a propaganda organization that shames the one assembled by Joseph Goebbels. The American media, never very independent, lost all semblance to independence during the Clinton regime when 90% of the US media was concentrated into six hands and converted into a completely obedient tool of the Establishment. Anyone who doubts this should explain why on every issue the presstitutes speak with one voice, which is never the voice of the people.

It is extraordinary that anyone could have fallen for the Establishment’s line that Trump conspired with Putin to steal the election from Hillary, but so many did. The Establishment could not permit the realization that the American Establishment had been rejected by the American people in the 2016 election. Using the CIA and FBI the Establishment went to work on Trump. His entire four years was used in fighting orchestrated Russiagate investigations and an orchestrated impeachment. Most people in the world know nothing more about these four years than American presstitute headlines told them.

In the Soviet Union, Stalin’s police state control enabled him to frame Bolshevik leader Nikolai Bukharin as a capitalist spy. In the American democracy, the Establishment has been able in plain view to steal Trump’s reelection and is now framing him as an insurrectionist. The power of this establishment is so great that Republicans have wilted and are kneeling to the Establishment in order to protect themselves. Trump’s appointees are resigning and running for their lives and reputations.

The military/security complex using the DNC and the media has been able to do what Stalin did—eliminate the opposition.

The Establishment has now put out calls for retribution against US Senators and Representatives who supported Trump’s attempt to have the evidence of electoral fraud examined. I have watched presentations of the evidence by nonpartisan professionals, and the evidence of electoral fraud is overwhelming. Yet it has been deep-sixed without ever being examined. In place of examination, from day one the presstitutes, none of whom looked at the evidence, repeated endlessly that there was no evidence. Trump, and not the stolen election, was blamed for discrediting American democracy.

The American Establishment is not through with Trump and his supporters. Propaganda campaigns against them could well end in show trials.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, like the print and TV media and NPR, are employed to shut down non-establishment explanations. Consequently, new social media organizations, such as Parler have arisen as uncensored forums. Judging from information sent to Mark Crispin Miller and posted on Notes from Underground ( https://markcrispinmiller.com ), Parler is now under attack: “BREAKING – Apple has given #Parler a 24 HOUR ULTIMATUM to implement a “moderation plan” or it’s getting scrubbed from the app store.” If this hasn’t yet happened, it will. “Moderation,” of course, means compliance with Establishment wishes. [Update: Parlor scrubbed–https://thehill.com/policy/technolog...ent-mediation]

Americans and Western peoples in general are very insouciant people. The Establishment has used Identity Politics to disunite whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, men, and women. A population at war with itself has no prospect of standing against the Establishment which exercises power in its interest independently of the interests of the people. In such a system, democracy is merely a cover for oligarchic rule. No one is permitted in public office who is not a servant of the Establishment. Any who somehow get there are removed. Redistricting was used to rid the Establishment of Dennis Kucinich. Ron Paul was eliminated by the RNC by “a systematic campaign of election fraud at state conventions” according to a lawsuit in federal district court. If these methods of elimination are not available, women are trotted out to allege sexual harassment or corruption or tax frame-ups are used. Those who don’t go along with the Establishment do not have a career. This is true as well in corporate employment and universities.

Fear and demonization are powerful Establishment weapons. Truth and the human achievement of civil liberty are their victims.

Biden Declares War on Trump Voters

Biden’s (the Establishment’s) war on domestic terrorism is a war on Trump deplorables. As I told you, normal white Americans are in for it. Here is Glenn Greenwald to tell you about it:


With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any government:


Pelosi consults with military brass on how to keep NUCLEAR CODES out of Trump’s hands:


Biden the unifier? President-elect likens Cruz, Hawley to Nazi propagandist Goebbels, says they share blame for inciting violence:


House Democrats leak draft of Trump IMPEACHMENT for ‘inciting insurrection’:

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Old 01-10-2021, 11:58 AM
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Default Re: Should Trump invoke "Insurrection act" against the election-steal fraud?

The Breach of the Capitol Was Obviously a Set-Up

January 9, 2021 This article was posted by TLB Staff .

Link: https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/the...usly-a-set-up/

The breach of the Capitol was an obvious set-up

By: Patricia McCarthy

What happened at the Capitol building on Wednesday obviously was a stratagem to destroy the President’s popularity and support and overshadow the challenges to the Electoral College vote, to my eyes. The building was breached at the beginning of that process and, of course, riveted the media news feeds. Members of Congress were evacuated with hoods over their heads as if they were in grave danger.

As a group of protesters approached the building, a policeman removed the barricade and appeared to invite them in.

Twitter video (cropped) of one group entering with no police restraint

That group entered the rotunda peacefully and stayed behind the rope line. Those who observed this noted that there were several instigators embedded among the crowd. They were using bullhorns to agitate and move people. A couple of them set off flash bangs.

We now know that several known Antifa activists were among the agitators. As they broke windows, Trump supporters tried to stop them. But the distraction worked, frightened the pathetically spineless Republicans who were set to challenge the stolen election. They quickly capitulated and Biden was certified. The Republicans, even the ones we thought had grit, got rolled.

There were tragic deaths, about which the leftists who planned this could not care less, any more than they cared about all those who died in the riots they so embraced over the summer.

As the plan was rolled out, the media dutifully began blaming Trump for inciting a riot, an enormous lie. Even the hapless Kelly Loeffler changed her mind about supporting the challenge. Talk about a fair-weather friend! She was a weak candidate. Trump did his best for her and she tossed him aside the minute things got rocky.

We do not need any more weathervane Republicans in Congress. We need more people like Matt Gaetz, Ron Johnson, and Jim Jordan. Even Ted Cruz, who was stepping up to the plate, had caved by the next day and was blaming Trump’s rhetoric for the clash. Et tu, Ted?

Josh Hawley did not stand down and has lost a book contract for his courage. Will his valor hold? Time will tell. But one thing is very clear: Trump supporters, conservatives who love this country as founded, now know exactly who among their elected officials actually strive to represent their constituents and those who behave like craven wimps who want to be welcome in the swamp.

Now we all know just how corrupt the swamp truly is; it is much, much worse than we knew. We can thank President Trump for shining the light on who these people really are; self-interested cowards. They are more concerned about their benevolent acceptance in the swamp than the fact that the 2020 election was the most fraudulent in US history.

Now the nation faces some dark days ahead, as Biden put it. He was talking about the virus, but the virus is the least of our problems with what is to come. The stock market is up because the big corporations are dominated by leftists who know they can manipulate Biden as easily as China can and does. But the economy for the rest of us likely will crash, especially if the blue state lockdowns continue, which they likely will. Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Pritzker are wallowing gloriously in their newfound tyrannical power. So what, if thousands of small businesses close, stranding millions of middle-class people in debt and poverty. They do not care. Biden does not care.

Among the ruling class, only Trump cares. That is why they hate him so much. Despite his wealth, he is one of us. They see us as a different species they want nothing to do with, nor should they. We are the worker bees who produce the luxuries they take for granted and to which they believe they are uniquely entitled.

We are on our own. Oh, they will offer a mere six-hundred dollars as they send billions off to other nations and we should accept our lot and be quiet. Watch CNN for five minutes and you will grasp the depth of their loathing for all conservatives. Rick Klein of ABC wants us all purged from society. Soon, we may all be forced to hang a picture of Biden over our beds.

Is there a more venal woman than Nancy Pelosi? She is so terrified of Trump she wants to impeach him before his term is up in eleven days! She wants to make certain he cannot run again. Or is she afraid of something else, perhaps the revelation of more treason among her side of the aisle? Was she in on planning the Capitol chaos? Can we rule it out? She would do anything to hang on to her power and ill-gotten wealth.

One can imagine how offended she and her pals are at the sight of half a million or more Trump supporters in her neighborhood. She, too, defended the summer riots, the looting, the arson, the destruction of statues; “People will do what they do” was her offhand comment when asked about the destruction of historical figures.

There is little doubt in the minds of most watchers of Democrat skullduggery that what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday was a false flag operation as surely as the tragedy in Charlottesville was a set-up and as certainly as the election was stolen. The left learned their Alinsky lessons well; their desired ends justify any and all means. From the moment Trump won in 2016, the left decided he would be dispatched with quickly, but he prevailed despite all their misguided attempts to get rid of him. They became more and more desperate over the last four years and more and more careless. Their election fraud was as blatant and obvious as the Capitol chaos plan. They thought we would all forget how they defended and supported the riots this past year. They still think we are all stupid.

Now Apple, Google and Twitter are collaborating to censor every conservative voice they can. Democrats are thrilled. They seem to have forgotten all about the First Amendment, but then they haven’t liked that pesky Bill of Rights for decades, anyway. China’s CCP is still on Twitter as are the mullahs of Iran; they tweet “death to America.” That’s just fine with Jack Dorsey.

Is this the generation that will let freedom die? President Reagan famously reminded us, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

We need new representation in Congress. We need leaders with strength of character that is sorely lacking in that body now.
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Default Re: Should Trump invoke "Insurrection act" against the election-steal fraud?

Here's vid of McInerny telling about spec. forces taking Pelosi's "laptop"

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