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Old 01-06-2021, 12:09 PM
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Default 'Galaxy inside his head': Koonyan semi-pro Perth basketballer deafens smoke jumper


'Galaxy inside his head': Semi-pro Perth basketballer faces court accused of murdering his girlfriend
Updated January 3, 2021 8.45am

The semi-professional West Australian basketballer accused of murdering his girlfriend has displayed signs of psychosis by rambling about the "galaxy inside his head", a Perth court has heard.

Chudier Thowath Pal, 29, will undergo a mental health assessment on Monday but has not been forced to be taken to Graylands Hospital's high security mental facility, known as the Frankland Centre, despite a push from the prosecutor.

Mr Thowath Pal faces one count of murder over the death of his girlfriend Stephanie Lee Robinson, 30, who he shared a Doubleview flat with.

Ms Robinson's body was found inside a house on fire in Ravenscar Street just after 7am on Saturday, which sparked a city-wide manhunt for Mr Thowath Pal.

Upon his arrest at 2.09pm that day, an investigating officer noted in a memo that Mr Thowath Pal was rambling by saying he had a "galaxy inside his head and a neutron star for a father", the court heard.

Shortly after he was taken to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital for a minor injury following a fall, the attending doctor gave a medical opinion that the basketballer was displaying signs of psychosis but did not seek to make a diagnosis, the prosecuting officer said.


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