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Old 12-15-2020, 09:42 AM
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Default One jigro jailed, one mudshark deff in Huntington, WV shooting


One jailed, one killed in Huntington shooting
Dec 5, 2020

HUNTINGTON A man has been jailed on a firearm charge after Cabell County Sheriff deputies responded to a shooting Friday to find a woman dead.

Deontae Cortez Hale, 27, of Michigan, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to Cabell County Sheriff Chuck Zerkle, at about 7 p.m. Friday deputies responded to a shooting call on Gary Drive, just off East Pea Ridge Road near Barboursville.

Upon arrival, they were met by Hale, who said his girlfriend, Stephanie Nicole Childers, had been shot. The 23-year-old woman from Huntington was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hale was charged because several firearms were found in the residence when he is a person prohibited from possessing them, Zerkle said.


Name: Deontae Cortez Hale
Location: Huntington, WV
Charge: felon in possession of a firearm
Date: Friday 12/04/2020


Misty Lea
is feeling sad.
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Long post ... feel free to share and raise Domestic Violence Awareness 💜 Pray for this Family please 🙏
I want to take a few moments to talk about this Beautiful, young , woman, mother , daughter, sister and friend Stephanie Nicole Childers.
She was killed by the hands of her Boyfriend 3 days ago shot in front of her daughter... 💔😭

Now Her daughter has to grow up without her mother and her family and friends are devastated from the loss of her ... the man whom she loved until her last breath was the same person who took her from the ones who loved her.... so sad 💔😭
Now I have looked all down her newsfeed, read posts and comments to get to know this young woman more and to see what mind frame she had been in and what would have led up to her death and this young woman was so undeniably unhappy... a few posts regarding if she were to die ... a few posts about how she needed just one friend... ( someone should have reached out to her ) a few posts of how she obviously was feeling this man whom she loved to death ( literally) was making her feel... subliminal postings that was red flags‼️comment's underneath her posts was red flags ‼️ yet nobody seemed to notice her asking for help ... some people just assume posts and comments are just for attention... or being salty but some are really dealing with real life abuse !!!!
This woman was screaming silently for help , for changed behavior from the man she loved so much , for a friend to confide in and be there during her sad times ...
Now I said all of this to say this ...
ladies this is proof that these men whom you love more than yourself can turn so quickly on you and could possibly take your life ! Don't ever think this can't be you! Some People are saying I know him he wouldn't do something like this... had to be an accident and then comments were made he was abusive to her he had pulled a gun on her before... the truth is you don't know what someone is capable of behind closed doors !
STOP staying in toxic relationships! STOP loving these abusive men more than you love yourself ! STOP thinking your love is enough to keep a relationship alive , STOP thinking this could never be you !!!! STOP believing every I'm sorry, STOP allowing men to tear you down , leave you broken , use you , mentally , emotionally, verbally, and physically abuse you ! STOP giving them power over you ! STOP thinking he will change , STOP letting the disrespectful things go because YOU LOVE HIM ! STOP thinking that ABUSE is Love !!!!!
This woman loved this man more than he loved her... she found herself putting up with anything and everything just because SHE loved him not because he loved her the same ! She loved HIM to death ... HER death ... HER life taken by the man SHE loved ! Let that sink in for a moment....
You think you can't leave a man you love because it would hurt you to much ... Imagine staying and the only way out is you being forced to leave him by HIM ! HE makes you leave by taking YOUR LIFE ! This is real ... this happens.. this is NOT love !!!!
Don't be another Stephanie! I'm sure if She could tell you one thing that would be to GET OUT ! Leave the abuse , leave the toxic love alone !
Be Stephanie's voice ! Don't settle or stay out of your love for someone who abuses you and your love .... love yourself more, Love your kids more so they don't have to live this life without you because you Choose to love a man to your death!
Stephanie Nicole ,
I am so sorry your life was cut short . I'm so sorry your daughter has to live this life without you ... I'm so sorry your family is heartbroken. I am so sorry you felt alone ... I'm so sorry you needed a friend and they couldn't be found in your time of need ... I'm sorry you lost your life to a man who didn't deserve you or your unconditional love ... I'm sorry you couldn't be saved ... I'm sorry you couldn't be here longer ... 23 is to young to leave... ONLY 23 YEARS OLD ! Let your life and death be a lesson for other's in abusive relationships. Let your life live on through every female who sees your face or hears your name and remembers your story of your unconditional dying love for a man who took your life away ....
I pray for your daughter, your family and friends during this heartbreaking time .
May you find justice and RIP sweet girl 🙏😇
Domestic Violence is Real and comes in different ways! Acknowledge them and leave ! Don't be another Stephanie! She would want you to LIVE ❤
Reach out to your friends who are in abusive relationships help them , check on them daily ! I'm here for anyone struggling with abuse ... please message me let me be your friend, your help, your prayer warrior and possibly your life saver ! ❤🙏


Obituary for Stephanie Nicole Childers
Stephanie Nicole Childers, 23, of Huntington passed away December 4, 2020. Stephanie was born January 16, 1997 in Columbus, OH.
She is survived by her father, Jeff Childers; mother, Sandy Arnett; stepmother, Lois Toppings; one daughter, Naomi Slash; one brother, Juston Childers; and two stepbrothers, Christopher Toppings and Matthew Hoskinson.
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