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Old 10-26-2020, 04:19 PM
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Default Elderly WM LSU fan bashed, robbed in stadium bathroom after game by the negro


LSU fan bashed, robbed in stadium bathroom after game
By Joshua Rhett Miller
October 26, 2020 | 3:58pm | Updated

Danny Dwyer, a long time LSU football fan, was attacked after a game and left bloodied. Facebook

An LSU fan says he was brutally beaten and robbed inside a bathroom after a game at Tiger Stadium over the weekend.

Daniel Dwyer, a longtime LSU fan, told The Advocate he lingered inside the stadium Saturday after LSU’s 52-24 rout over South Carolina to hear the university’s marching band play, as he typically does.

“Normally, there’s 80,000 to 100,000 people at an LSU game,” Dwyer told the newspaper. “You’re never alone. During these unfortunate times, with the lower number of people, there’s more opportunity for a one-on-one encounter.”

But Dwyer’s typical postgame routine took a turn when he stopped inside a stadium bathroom while headed to his car, he recalled.

“There were three or four men and a young man who had a broom and a dustpan, and a bucket behind him,” Dwyer said. “Apparently, the three or four guys I saw were on the way out or had left, because the next thing I knew, there were two or three blows to the back of the head.”

Dwyer said restrooms at the Baton Rouge stadium are usually teeming with fans after a game, but the coronavirus pandemic has slashed attendance there by 75 percent, the newspaper reported.

“Everything was so quiet,” Dwyer said. “It forced me to kind of back up and go down on my knees. He continued to rain blows down on my head and the side of my head.”

At one point, Dwyer tried to put up his hands to stop the onslaught that lasted about 30 seconds, but his assailant reached down and grabbed his wallet, which contained a small amount of cash, he said.

Dwyer’s daughter-in-law, meanwhile, identified the suspect on Facebook as a man of around 18 to 25, who was wearing a face mask while “sweeping the bathroom floor” as Dwyer used a urinal in a bathroom on the lower level of the stadium’s south end zone.

“Once my [father-in-law] was the only remaining fan in the bathroom, the attacker locked the front entrance to the bathroom, hit my [father-in-law] over the head several times until he fell to the floor and then continued to beat him,” Anna Dunn Dwyer wrote.

The alleged attacker, who robbed Dwyer of less than $100, also yelled for him to “stay down, motherf–ker,” Dunn Dwyer’s post continued.

The attacker then fled the bathroom and Dwyer told state troopers about the robbery before he was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and later released for three cuts to his head, The Advocate reported.

LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard confirmed to The Post in an email Monday that the incident remains under investigation.

Dwyer, meanwhile, quipped that it was just par for the course this year.

“It was a typical 2020 night,” he told The Advocate. “If you have to wrap up the year 2020, this would fall right in place.”
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Old 11-11-2020, 08:46 AM
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Default Re: Elderly WM LSU fan bashed, robbed in stadium bathroom after game by the negro


After LSU fan mugged in Tiger Stadium restroom, contract worker arrested
Updated Oct 27, 2020 at 12:03 am

LSU Police on Monday announced the arrest of a man hired to help clean Tiger Stadium and accused him of beating and robbing a man in an arena bathroom.

Officers said Gary Ramses Walker, 19, of 350 Delphine St., Baton Rouge, worked for a crew contracted to clean the stadium after the Tigers' game against South Carolina on Saturday. Walker was arrested on a count of second-degree robbery.

Danny Dwyer had said in an interview with The Advocate on Sunday https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_ro...7e532225a.html that he was beaten over the head and robbed after staying in the stadium following the game to listen to the Tigers' marching band. He said he was attacked in a restroom after three or four other men left the area.

The arrest warrant says the manager of the custodial company that cleans Tiger Stadium was contacted by several employees who said Walker was bragging about the robbery.

Walker had been assigned to that restroom for the entire game day, the arrest warrant said, and didn't show up for work the next day.

Dwyer had said Sunday that he always stayed after the game to listen to the band, and feared his attacker may have been emboldened by the small crowd size. Because of crowd limits imposed due to the coronavirus, Tiger Stadium has had crowds of around 25,000 people.

"Normally, there's 80,000 to 100,000 people at an LSU game. You're never alone," Dwyer said Sunday. "During these unfortunate times, with the lower number of people, there's more opportunity for a one-on-one encounter."

He said that when he entered the restroom after the game, there were three or four men, plus a young man with a broom and dustpan.

Dwyer found state troopers nearby after the attack and was treated at the Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

The LSU Police Department's arrest warrant says that one of the custodial company employees who contacted his manager about Walker's bragging was able to tell police where Walker threw the stolen wallet out of a vehicle he was riding in, confirmed later by police.
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