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Old 10-08-2020, 06:00 AM
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Default Utah negro arrested for killing, eating hearts of dog and cat


Utah man arrested for killing, eating hearts of dog and cat
Wednesday, October 7th 2020

KUTV WARNING: Some readers may find this content disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

OGDEN, Utah (KUTV) A 33-year old man is facing two felony counts of animal torture and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief after he was arrested for eating the internal organs of a dog and a cat, authorities say.

Bruce Anthony Saunders, of Ogden, was taken into custody after refusing to let officers into his home who were dispatched to his residence. The report to officers was that he'd cut his finger off but upon refusal to enter Saunders' home, the police left.

According to police documents, police returned the following day to Saunders' home after his girlfriend was afraid he was dead after discovering large amounts of blood.

Officers investigated the report and discovered a dismembered dog and cat in Saunders' bathtub. A bloody bat was also found. Saunders told officers he'd killed the animals and "ate their hearts," police documents stated.
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