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Old 02-07-2020, 09:12 AM
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Default WF NYPD cop shoves ‘fare-beating’ teen-negress out of subway station in video


NYPD cop shoves ‘fare-beating’ teen out of subway station in video
By Olivia Bensimon
February 7, 2020 | 9:39am | Updated

An NYPD officer shoved a teen girl multiple times — pushing her out of a Brooklyn subway station and telling her she is no longer welcome — after cops claim she tried to beat a fare, a video shows.

The footage, posted to Twitter Thursday night, appears to start in the middle of the interaction with the female officer blocking the teenager’s path and the teen claiming that other straphangers were able to walk through an open emergency exit without a problem.

“I allowed them, they didn’t jump the turnstile,” the officer responds.

The officer then approaches the girl and starts pushing her back through the gate. “Please don’t touch me,” the teenager says.

“Then walk out,” the cop repeatedly responds.

The interaction escalates as the officer keeps requesting the girl to walk out until she shoves the teenager out of what appears to be the Avenue M station, causing the girl to erupt.

“Listen! Don’t touch me!” she screams. “Are you serious? I’m trying to go home! You’re saying I can’t go home? Are you insane?”

The cop then threatens to arrest the girl, “You’re going to arrest me for trying to go home? I’m not doing anything.”

The cop pulls out her radio, before informing the girl that she “is no longer welcome in the subway.”

It is unclear what day the footage was actually taken but New York City school students receive MetroCards at the beginning of each semester to ride the subway and bus for free on weekdays.

In a statement, the NYPD said that the video does not show the full incident.

“The female attempted to jump the turnstile. The officer then approached her and instructed her to enter properly by swiping her MetroCard. She refused and was physically removed from the station. No summons was issued.”

The incident comes only days after protestors in an anti-cop rally encouraged riders to evade the fares.
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