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Old 11-03-2019, 05:03 AM
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Default Wexit: West Canada fed up with PM Shoe Polish & fag MSM

Wexit: West Canada fed up with PM Shoe Polish & fag MSM



Wexit making waves? Hundreds rally for western separation in Edmonton

‘We’re separating and that’s what’s going to happen,’ Wexit Alberta leader says

About 700 people attended Saturday's rally and more than 262,000 people are members of the Vote Wexit Facebook group.
Wexit leader Peter Downing said support for western separation exploded after the recent re-election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
He cited carbon taxes, equalization formulas and a "direct attack on western Canadian industry" as a few of the main gripes separatists have with the federation.
"We will not allow ourselves to be divided. We're going to make Alberta great again, and that is when we cut ourselves off from the leach that is eastern Canada," said Downing, sporting a blue Make Alberta Great Again ball cap.
Downing said Wexit is often associated with conservative politics, but it's neither a left-wing nor right-wing movement.
"It is for everybody except for eastern Canada," he said.
The organization plans to register as a political party, and Wexit Alberta will start drafting the province's first constitution in the near future, he said.
"We are not, as Albertans, going to sit around and wait on the government to give us a welfare cheque. It's not happening," he said.
"We're separating and that's what's going to happen."
But saying it's going to happen and making it happen are two very different things.
Rally attendee Joan Bjornson said she wants to "take back the power."
"Until people wake up and realize that you, the people, have the power [and] this land belongs to you, we are not going to go anywhere," she said.

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