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Old 10-08-2019, 02:56 PM
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Default Phoenix PD: Jiggaboo Jamal attacked, tried to sexually assault woman who had been in car crash


Phoenix PD: Man attacked, tried to sexually assault woman who had been in car crash


PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A Phoenix man is facing charges after police say he attacked and sexually assaulted a woman while he was drunk.

According to court documents, Jamal Perryman, 22, told police that in addition to drinking, he also had taken an OxyContin pill when he was out with his family the night of Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019.

Investigators believe Perryman flashed, chased, and attacked a woman as she walked home from a QT near 25th Avenue and Camelback Road early the morning of Sunday, Sept. 29.

[WATCH: Perryman broke down during initial court appearance]

Police said the victim told them she had gone to a concert in Tempe with a friend and had fallen asleep in the passenger seat while the friend drove home. She woke up when the friend veered off the freeway and crashed into a wall, according to court documents. While the Department of Public Safety processed the friend for DUI, troopers sent the victim with the tow truck driver who dropped her off at the QT.

The victim told police her phone was dead, so she decided to walk to her friend’s home nearby. Investigators said she was walking north from Camelback Road on the Black Canyon Highway Frontage Road when she saw a man wearing a Lakers jersey standing just north of Glendale Avenue. She said she started running when the man dropped his pants and exposed himself to her.

“As she was running, she turned back around and saw that he was running after her,” reads the probable cause for arrest statement.

According to court documents, that man, later identified as Perryman, caught up with the woman, punched her in the face, and tried to sexually assault her. Police say she fought back and “screamed for help.”

“He started slamming her head against the ground again and again,” the arresting officer wrote. “She remembers him kicking her in the face and then she believes she was knocked unconscious because the next thing she remembers is that he was gone.”

The woman told police she ran to her friend’s house, where she believed she passed out.

“Sometime later her friend came home and woke her up and called the police,” according to Perryman’s court documents.

In addition to causing numerous injuries, the suspect knocked out two of the victim’s front teeth. Investigators later found one of those teeth at the scene of the assault, along with blood and the victim’s earrings.

When police looked at surveillance video from a nearby Circle K, they saw a man matching the victim’s description of the suspect fall down in the parking lot. A security guard helped him. The security guard later told police that the man said he was having a diabetic emergency and that he had insulin at an apartment nearby. The guard said he helped him get there.

Police say surveillance video from another business showed the victim walking in the area about the time of the attack. A short time later, the suspect is seen running south from her location, according to court documents.

Another call to police led investigators to an apartment complex near the Circle K. According to court documents, police found a pile of clothes, including a Lakers jersey and shoes with blood on them, inside a vacant apartment. In addition to the clothes, which matched the description of what the suspect was wearing, police also found a cell phone.

“We believed the cell phone found in the pocket of the discarded clothing may lead us to the identity of the suspect in the attempted sexual assault so we obtained a search warrant for the phone,” police explained on the probable cause for arrest statement.

Photos and information on the phone led to Perryman, who was on probation for a drug charge. Police also learned there was a warrant out for his arrest.

According to police, Perryman denied knowing the victim but said the clothing officers found was his.

“He started crying when he saw blood on [the shoes],” police said.
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