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Old 05-02-2019, 05:32 PM
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Default WM accused of manslaughter in Anguilla nig hotel worker's death was defending himself during robbery


Man accused of manslaughter in Anguilla hotel worker's death was defending himself during robbery attempt: Family

May 2, 2019, 6:46 PM ET

The family of a Connecticut man accused of killing a hotel maintenance worker while on vacation on the island of Anguilla has released an image of his injuries, saying he sustained them as he was "literally fighting for his life" and defending his family during an attempted robbery.

Scott Hapgood, 44, a banker in New York City, was with his wife and two daughters on April 13 at the Malliouhana Resort in the Caribbean, when they say a man, dressed in a hotel uniform, knocked on the family's resort door.

Hapgood was in the hotel room with his daughters at the time. His wife was not present, the family said.

"The attacker arrived minutes after our minor daughters walked back to the hotel room on their own. The man knocked on the door, saying he was there to fix a broken sink. Scott indicated the sinks were not broken as far as he was aware, but that the man was free to have a look. Like any of us would, he trusted a hotel staff person in uniform," the family said in a statement to ABC News on Thursday.

Anguilla police identified the hotel worker as Kenny Mitchel.

The Hapgood family said neither Hapgood or any other relative had called to report any maintenance issues that day or previously.

Hapgood said Mitchel was armed and demanded money, according to a previous statement released by his spokesman on April 25. A scuffle erupted between the men, the family said.

"During the attack, Scott did not choke the attacker. Scott himself sustained severe injuries as a result of the physical struggle. ... Scott was literally fighting for his life. He was bitten multiple times by the attacker, including on his face," the family's statement said.

Mitchel was eventually restrained by a security guard and Hapgood was taken to a hospital for his injuries. He then went to a police station and to jail. He learned of Mitchel's death as he was giving his witness statement, the family said.

"Upon his initial release, Scott was checked into the Four Seasons by the Malliouhana Resort, which paid for the stay," the family's statement said. "Two days later, Scott was arrested and charged, handcuffed and detained. This detention was one of the most grueling events of his life. Then, as soon as he could, Scott returned home to the United States. Scott and our family cooperated fully with local authorities in Anguilla following the attack, and our first-hand accounts of the events were taken by them."
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Old 10-02-2019, 06:12 AM
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Default Re: WM accused of manslaughter in Anguilla nig hotel worker's death was defending himself during rob


Anguilla hotel worker, 27, who died after a fight with a Connecticut UBS banker had TWICE the lethal dose of cocaine in his bloodstream - as revised autopsy report threatens to upend manslaughter trial

Kenny Mitchel died following a fight with UBS banker Scott Hapgood at an Anguilla resort on April 13
An initial autopsy stated that Mitchel died from asphyxiation and blunt force trauma to the head, leading Hapgood to be charged with manslaughter
However, a revised autopsy has now been performed in light of new toxicology tests
It reveals Mitchel may have actually died from a drug overdose, with tests revealing he had 1,900 nanograms of cocaine per milliliter in his bloodstream
According to medical experts, 900 nanograms per milliliter is potentially fatal
Hapgood has been released on bond and is back in the United States awaiting the commencement of his trial in Anguilla

Updated: 02:09 EDT, 2 October 2019

Last month, Hapgood hit headlines after it was revealed one of his friends had set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the beleaguered banker.

The page asked Hapgood's wealthy Darien neighbors for $400,000, saying: 'Please help Scott and his family as they fight to regain the life they worked so hard to build.'

However, GoFundMe held the $250,000 which was raised and vowed not to release it unless he signed an agreement not to use the money for his legal defense.
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