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Old 09-19-2019, 07:26 AM
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Default Middletown, PA WM, 18 shot in face, dumped at Civil War museum debit card robbery by negro friend


Teen dumped at Civil War museum had been forced into his car trunk, shot in face: police
September 11, 2019

Harrisburg police on Wednesday charged a teen with the kidnapping and fatal shooting of a Middletown teen who was found dead in the National Civil War Museum parking lot.

Police arrested Tyrese Andre Randolph, 18, of Harrisburg, on Sept. 6, the day after the body of his friend Torin Dworchak, 18, was found. Police say they linked Randolph to Dworchak’s stolen debit card, which was being used in Dauphin County stores after Dworchak’s death.

Randolph originally was charged with two counts of identity theft and four counts of unauthorized use of a debit card. He remained in prison on a $200,000 bond. On Wednesday, police added charges of first-degree-murder, kidnapping, robbery and conspiracy for kidnapping and robbery. He is now being held without bond.

Police say in court records that Randolph and a co-defendant set up Dworchak for a robbery, forced Dworchak into the trunk of his own car and then shot Dworchak twice in the face while he was still in the trunk.

The co-defendant, Nathaniel Acevedo, 20, is the alleged triggerman. Acevedo was charged with the same felony crimes as Randolph, as well as the misdemeanor identity theft crimes, but he remained on the loose Wednesday night.

Dauphin County Senior Deputy District Attorney Steven Zawisky said the facts of the case were extremely disturbing.

“This was ruthless,” he said.

Randolph and Acevedo were together Sept. 4 when Dworchak contacted Randolph to meet up, and Randolph agreed. After speaking with Dworchak, Randoph and Acevedo agreed on a plan to rob Dworchak.

When Randolph and Dworchak were outside of Randolph’s apartment on Thomas Street, just outside of Reservoir Park, Acevedo showed up with a gun and demanded Dworchak’s wallet and cell phone, police said. Acevedo then forced Dworchak into the trunk of his car, and Acevedo drove it away with Randolph in the passenger seat, the court documents say.

Acevedo pulled over somewhere in Bellevue Park, exited the car and opened the trunk. That’s when police say Acevedo confronted Dworchak and shot him twice in the head. Acevedo then got back into the car and drove away, eventually abandoning the car with Dworchak’s body still in the trunk, according to court records.

Acevedo reportedly went back to the car overnight, drove it to the museum and dumped Dworchak’s body, court records say. Acevedo later abandoned the car in another location, police said.

Later that day, Dworchak’s mother noticed her son’s debit card was being used at various stores and she reported the activity to police. Police went to the stores where the purchases were made and watched video surveillance, which showed Randolph and Acevedo using the card.


Suspect in homicide near Civil War Museum arrested in Tennessee
Monday, September 16th 2019

Harrisburg, Pa. — A second arrest has been made in the death of Torin Dworchak.

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, 20-year-old Nathaniel Acevedo was arrested today in Tennessee.

Acevedo and his accomplice Tyrese Randolph were originally charged for the murder on September 11th. Police were able to locate and arrested Randolph in Connection with the homicide, but were unable to find Acevedo.
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Old 09-20-2019, 02:28 PM
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Default Re: Middletown, PA WM, 18 shot in face, dumped at Civil War museum debit card robbery by negro frien

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