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Old 08-15-2019, 07:20 AM
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Default Merde! Feces Smeared on Quebec Hijab Store

Quebec City police investigate possible hate crime after excrement left at store selling hijabs


The store owner, originally from Tunisia, said he has been the target of vandalism several times since opening his store in March.
At first, he said, someone sprayed coffee on the window. Then the lock was damaged, and someone spread excrement on the storefront.
Overnight Sunday, someone again spread excrement on the storefront. This time a security camera was also stolen and a used adult diaper tied to the door.
CBC News is not identifying the man because he fears for his family's safety.
The store owner said he opened the store in part to sell items specific to Muslim women, such as hijabs, but they're not featured in the window and that's not all the store sells.
He said he's not sure why he's being targeted but he's worried about what else the vandal might do.
"My wife works here. My children are here. [But] I am not with them. I work elsewhere," he said.
He said if police don't make an arrest, he'll be closing the business to keep his clients and his family safe.

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