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Old 05-08-2019, 12:40 PM
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Default ‘Prolific’ Coonvicted Sambo Sex Offender Lured, Assaulted 2 Women in Sylmar, CA


Police Seek Help Finding Additional Victims of ‘Prolific’ Convicted Sex Offender Who Allegedly Lured, Assaulted 2 Women in Sylmar

Posted 12:12 PM, May 8, 2019

Police are looking for possible additional victims of a “prolific” convicted sex offender who last month allegedly lured two women to his Sylmar home after contacting them online, authorities said Wednesday.

Aaron Clark, 40, was arrested April 14 after a woman said he had used an online service to lure her to his home. He then allegedly armed himself and forced her to commit sexual acts, Los Angeles Police Detective Debra Malinowski said during a news conference Wednesday.

Police later determined that Clark had also allegedly used an online dating app on April 13 to lure another woman into his home to sexually assault her while also armed. Authorities did not elaborate on what kind of weapon was used.

Police said Clark posed as a photographer or convinced victims that he worked in the entertainment business.
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