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Old 03-08-2019, 05:32 AM
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Default Kyle, TX WM, 43 sent to Baton Rouge by employer shot to death, dumped abandoned house by negro


Police arrest suspect who allegedly robbed, killed Texas man visiting Baton Rouge for work

March 01, 2019 4:17 PM

BATON ROUGE Police say they've arrested a person who robbed an out-of towner, killed him and dumped the body in an abandoned house late last year.

On Friday, police announced the arrest of 28-year-old Christopher Pender, who was booked on one count first-degree murder in the 2018 killing.

According to BRPD, Brian Allen Cook was found in an abandoned house on Dayton Street Dec. 5. Dayton Street is in north Baton Rouge, sandwiched between the refinery and Plank Road.

Friends and family say Cook worked for Siemens Energy and traveled to Baton Rouge from his hometown of Kyle, Texas on Nov. 24 for a work project. Cook was free to return home after the project was completed on Nov. 29, but his family said he never returned and stopped answering his phone.

Investigators believe Pender robbed Cook before he shot and killed him.


Brian Allen Cook
December 19, 1975 - December 5, 2018

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