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Old 03-08-2019, 12:25 PM
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Default Cops nab BLACK suspect accused of robbing New Jersey man before stuffing him in car trunk


Cops nab suspect accused of robbing New Jersey man before stuffing him in car trunk
By Craig McCarthy
March 8, 2019 | 2:54pm

A heartless thug who robbed a New Jersey man at gunpoint before stuffing him in his car trunk has been nabbed by cops while another is still at large.

Damian Carrington, 22, of Hillside, spent some 12 hours in the frigid cold after he was carjacked on Wednesday night by two armed thieves who forced him to remove cash from local ATMs then beat and bound him and stuffed him in the back of his Nissan Altima.

New Jersey police on Friday arrested and charged JaVohn Berrouet, 24, with first-degree carjacking, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, two first-degree weapons offenses and three second-degree weapons offenses.

A teenage superhero came to Carrington’s rescue on Thursday morning after she heard strange noises coming from the trunk of a parked car while she was walking her dog, Milkshake, in neighboring Irvington.

One of Carrington’s saviors said his face was “all smashed up” and he had been bound by his hands with tape.

Cops arrested Berrouet at a Hillside address on Thursday night and recovered a ski mask and 45-caliber handgun.

The other perp remains at large.

According to law enforcement, the two thieves approached Carrington on Avy Street in Hillside about 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Brandishing handguns, the men forced Carrington to withdraw cash from two different banks before they tied him up and left him to die inside the trunk of his black Nissan Ultima.

He spent 12 hours in his trunk in the frigid cold — with temperatures in the high teens — before Kayla Rose, 17, came to his rescue after she heard “knocking and scratching” coming from the car.

“I moved closer and said, ‘Hello?’” Rose told The Post.

She heard a man answer back, “Hello? I need some help!”

Rose said she “got scared” and “nervous” so, “I got help quick.”

“I went to my neighbor across the street and they called the police,” Rose said. She also told her mom, Marie Banks.

The neighbor, Joe Bollaro, 70, tried to get the trapped man out of the car using a crowbar, but to no avail.

“I asked if he could breathe,” said Bollaro. “He said he could. I told him to ‘hang on, the police and fire department are on the way’.”

Firefighters managed to jimmy open the car door, fold down the back seat and pull out Carrington, who was bound with tape.

“His face was all smashed up,” Bollaro said. “He said they hit him. They had him tied up, his hands. The firemen had to cut him loose.”

Carrington suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was recovering at home on Friday.

“He was scratched up on his forehead,” Rose said.

Rose, a junior at Irvington High School, headed to school after the amazing discovery. Her mom and Bollaro called the teen “a hero”.

“I told her, ‘You saved a life today. You are a hero!” said Banks.

“How many times you hear people found dead in a trunk?” Bollaro added, “She found him.”

A woman who identified herself as the victim’s grandmother told The Post she was “worried sick” about Carrington.

Union County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of $10,000 for information which may lead to an additional arrest and indictment in the case.
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