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Default Jasper Co, TX WF, 43 stabbed to death w/ screwdriver, dumped in river by negro that was stalking her


Probable Cause Affidavit indicates suspect used screwdriver to kill Candi McKee

Wednesday, March 6th 2019

JASPER COUNTY — From KJAS : KJAS News has obtained from the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department a probable cause affidavit which says that 55-year-old Kevin Byerly killed Candi McKee with a screwdriver just south of Kirbyville on Monday, March 4, and her driver’s license was discovered in his vehicle. The 43-year-old married mother’s SUV was found completely burned early that morning, and her body was pulled from the Sabine River late that afternoon.

The affidavit, filed by Lieutenant Investigator Charles Willis, said that Patrol Deputy Christian Villasana was sent to a report of a vehicle fire off of County Road 588 in the Call Community shortly after 4:00 that morning, and he along with Kirbyville firefighters arrived to find a Ford Expedition SUV completely engulfed in flames.

The report said that Villasana discovered a large amount of blood in a small trench, and also a blood trail leading away from the driver’s door of the SUV for several feet to one large spot of blood that saturated the ground about four inches square. The affidavit said it also appeared that the victim had been loaded into a vehicle.

The report said that Villasana found at the scene a pair of glasses, which were determined to belong to the victim, and also a pair of gloves.

According to the affidavit, as the investigation into the burning vehicle and blood was underway, co-workers and family members of Candi McKee reported her missing, and they also noted that she had been stalked by Kevin Byerly.

The affidavit said that deputies found Byerly at his son’s residence in the 300 block of Carver Street in Newton, where they spoke to him and also received consent from him to search his Chevrolet Avalanche, which is an SUV/truck crossover.

According to the report, Candi McKee’s driver’s license was discovered in the back seat of Byerly’s vehicle, and at that point, at the request of deputies, he voluntarily accompanied them to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department where he allegedly gave a full confession to the crime.

The affidavit went on to say that Kevin Byerly told investigators that he killed Candi McKee with a large screwdriver, which he said would be located in the bed of his vehicle, and he said he then put her body in the bed of his truck and went to the Louisiana side of the Burr's Ferry Bridge at the Sabine River in Vernon Parish and dumped her body into the river along with the mat from the bed of his truck, which was covered with blood.

According to the report, deputies went to the river and found a factory bed mat for a Chevrolet Avalanche truck, and several hours later Candi McKee’s body was pulled from the river about 500 yards downstream from the bridge, and the report noted that her body had sustained injuries that were consistent with Byerly’s confession.
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