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Old 02-22-2019, 12:53 PM
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Default Kunyae gives Kenzie sets a fresh pair of mudshark sunglasses for her 18th birthday


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How many times?

Katie Michelle added 3 new photos — with Travis Eckman.
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This is one of the hardest posts I have ever written. And given what our family has been through the last 6 months, that is saying a lot.

On Friday evening, my daughter Kenzie...on the heels of her 18th birthday, was horrifically assaulted by her boyfriend Kunyae. She had went to his house after school as was their usual routine, and she was met with anger and agitation that seemingly came from no where. He insisted she leave, and when she did, he called her and told her if she “wasn’t back in 5 min” that he would kill him self. She immediately rushed to the home concerned for his safety, and after being repeatedly accused of cheating on him, she tried to leave. Before leaving she simply wanted to let his younger brother know to keep an eye on him because Kunyae continued to threaten his own life. With her back to him, Kunyae jumped in front of her and began to unleash a physical assault so violent and vicious, I am frankly thankful that she survived. Sitting in the ER hearing the details of this attack from Kenzie was by far, the most horrific thing I have ever encountered as a parent.

By far.

She sustained in-numerous bumps and bruises, along with a fractured left orbital and a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from the repeated punches, kicks, and bites to her head, neck, and shoulders. Her hands were also covered in bruises from trying to protect herself. We have been going to doctor appointments almost daily, and are hopeful that all of these injuries will heal in time and we will continue to work through the emotional scars which will undoubtedly take much longer.

The day after the attack, the Champlin police attempted to arrest Kunyae at his home, but with the help of his family and some friends, he fled the home and has since been in hiding. The police continue to look for Kunyae, and also keep an eye on our home.

Deciding to post this experience did not come lightly. If you know me, you know I am intensely private, and that trait has been inherited by my children as well. However, after talking with Kenzie at length, we decided that we would NOT hide from this. This was done TO her, not BECAUSE of her...and although she is a victim of domestic violence, she will not remain victimized by silence.

Domestic violence is a cycle, and one that Kunyae has been a witness to his entire life. However, the cycle will not be repeated with our family. There are no words to express the devastation Kenzie feels. She loved this boy with all her heart and had hoped to spend the rest of her life with him. She will instead spend the next handful of years learning to love and trust again. However, I have reminded her that most men don’t hit. And that dad showed her the example of that for the 21 years him and I were together.
As for Kunyae, he is facing 2 felony charges for the assault and for fleeing the police. We are hopeful that he will be spending many many years in jail, finally being held accountable for his anger issues and actions.

All we are asking for from all of you, is just continued thoughts and support for our family. Our unit is rare in its strength. And when one of us is down, the rest of us pull in tighter to shower them with support. Kenzie will never have to go through the rest of this alone, and as a fierce mama bear, I will fight every step of this fight for her. However, hiding from what happened makes us look as though we are ashamed, and I will never allow one of my daughters to feel shame for something that they could have neither anticipated, or prevented.

I will probably only post updates as big events happen related to this, but I will certainly keep Facebook apprised of Kunyaes status in terms of incarceration.
If anyone sees him, please consider him dangerous and call 911.
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