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Old 02-16-2019, 05:19 AM
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Default A Valentine's Day mudshark sunglasses/buck negro murder-suicide plays out in Peoria


Fatal shooting survivor describes scene, history between victim, gunman
Updated: Feb 14, 2019 10:38 PM CST

PEORIA - More details are emerging regarding the Valentine's Day morning shooting that left one man and one woman dead.

Thirty-year-old Kayla N. Fannon was found with gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased at the scene. The male gunman, identified as 39-year-old David Jenkins of Peoria, was also located with a gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital and later pronounced deceased.

One woman was able to escape the house at the time. WMBD spoke exclusively with her, who wished to be unidentified.

"[I remember] My back door being kicked in like twice and that door came open and he pointed the gun at my face and said 'Y'all b****** thought I was playing with you all. Y'all thought I was playing,'" the woman said Jenkins told them.

She said Jenkins and Fannon had a child together and that Jenkins has an extensive criminal history. Court records show Jenkins was sent to prison back in 2017 for assaulting Fannon. He was released on parole late last month and the woman said since his release, he actively harassed Fannon.

She claimed that late Wednesday night, Jenkins sent Fannon threatening text messages and pictures of gun. She said she was with Fannon when she contacted the PPD for help, and that officers did nothing to keep Fannon safe.

She said Fannon told them about her history with Jenkins, and they only filed a police report.

"Then he turned around and went up the stairs," she said. "I hurried up and grabbed my phone off the charger to call 9-1-1. He sprayed the first shot. I heard it. She's like 'Dave, you shot me.'"

The PPD was called to the 1200 block of W. John H. Gwynn Jr. Ave. at 6:56 a.m. Thursday regarding a home invasion. Police said a female 9-1-1 caller escaped from the home and that a male armed with a gun entered the home and began shooting.

The woman said when Fannon called the police Wednesday night, an officer told her to "Send him an email and he's going to send it to a parole officer so he can be picked up in the morning."

"Well guess what," the woman said. "You're a little late. She didn't deserve to die like that."

Fannon had an order of protection filed against Jenkins on May 2, 2017. The protection was dismissed on May 19, 2017.

Police said they cannot comment on anything at this time.

One other man was also in the house when Jenkins arrived, and he was also able to escape.



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Old 02-16-2019, 07:57 AM
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Default Re: A Valentine's Day mudshark sunglasses/buck negro murder-suicide plays out in Peoria

Yeeesh! Imagine waking up next to that every morning.
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