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Old 08-31-2017, 11:38 AM
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Default Canada: Muslim terrorist's sis says: Homo acts are a sin, hijab is mandatory

Facebook post by Khadr’s sis raises alarm bells


Zaynab Khadr sure has a sense of timing.

It was on Monday that Canadians were reading about her brother Omar’s request to have his bail conditions changed so he could have unrestricted access to hang with his big sis.
And it was on Monday that Zaynab took to Facebook to share this stern edict towards members of the ummah:

“All sects of Islam have agreed unanimously that homosexual acts are a sin, hijab is mandatory,
imams must be men,” says a post she shared on her page Monday that was sourced by Postmedia.

“If you reject this, you are lying to yourself and you are weak in faith. Accept Islam for what it is or leave our mosques.”
That’s some pretty stern stuff: Follow this harsh form of Islam or leave the religion. Quite the ultimatum.
Do you think it’s at all possible that Zaynab might just maybe, oh I don’t know, talk about these sorts of issues with Omar for a minute or two when she spends time with her brother after she arrives in Canada from Sudan for her upcoming visit?
Do you think she might humbly suggest that these are the sorts of ideas he should be going in for? You know, nudge him back in the radical direction a bit.
The justice system certainly thought so. They’re the ones who put the condition on Omar in the first place, saying he couldn’t communicate with his mother or sister without supervision.
Khadr says that’s nothing to worry about now: “Regardless of what Zaynab may have said in a documentary many years ago (where she spoke approvingly of 9/11), there is no danger whatsoever of somebody somehow corrupting Omar into becoming a bad person,” Nathan Whitling, Khadr’s lawyer, told media on Monday.
Huh. Because it’s not like Khadr’s ever denounced his family’s views. Or the fact Zaynab hosted Osama bin Laden at one of her weddings. Or how she showed support for the Toronto 18 terrorists.
A key argument from Omar’s defenders over the years has been that we shouldn’t blame him, but his family who radicalized him.
Another Khadr lawyer, according to a CTV News story from 2008, told parliamentarians that “his client should not be blamed for what his family members have said and done, particularly his father, Ahmed Said Khadr, a militant linked to al- Qaida who was killed by Pakistani forces in 2003.”
So even if we go with Khadr’s own argument, he’s not the problem: it’s his family.
Zaynab was an adult in 2002 when Khadr was captured and killed an American army medic. The brainwashed child soldier excuse isn’t available to her. She knew what she and her family were up to back then.
And, judging by her social media posts, she’s still not exactly a shining example of liberal values.
You’d think someone would have told her about the proposed bail changes and she’d have had the common sense to keep quiet on the extreme rhetoric for a bit.
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