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Old 08-08-2017, 08:40 PM
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Default Paranoid black sex offender shoots two neighbors, kills white woman, shoots at police - kills self

Amanda Patti, 43, killed on July 31, 2017

Killed by Madrios Ah Chang

Black male opened fire on four neighbors. Hitting two. Killing one.


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Old 08-09-2017, 12:55 PM
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Default Re: Two killed by black in Colorado Springs, CO (one is WF)

Pepe very often finds item on the Gun Memorial website - let's look there for 'Madrios Chang' (a Hispanic Chinaman?)
Ah, here it is - he is a negro thug - not a 'Hispanic Chinaman'

Madrios Ah Chang, age 38

I just can not figure out whether the white woman was in some sort of 'relationship' with the crazy black sex offender.
She was found dead in his apartment - nothing in the news seems to explain what she was doing there.

Amanda Patti, age 43

Friend: Shooter blamed neighbors for break-in

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - A friend of the man who opened fire on a total of four people says Madrios Chang was set off by a break-in at his apartment.
Chang, 38, was a resident at the Kingsborough Apartments on Village Road South.
The longtime friend and former employer, who worked unsuccessfully with police to contact Chang throughout the hours long ordeal at the complex, says Chang was upset over a break-in at his apartment, and blamed his neighbors.
The confrontation resulted in the two neighbors being shot.
Both neighbors survived and escaped.
However, Chang later fatally shot a woman with him in his apartment and then himself.
Police say it began with officers responding to a call for shots fired, and the officers were then fired at through a window of the building, prompting a full tactical response by CSPD.
================================================== ====================================
Google news search for Amanda Patti

Google news search for Madrios Ah Chang

Chang shot and killed 43-year-old Amanda Patti before turning the gun on himself.
Chang was a registered sex offender for first-degree sexual assault.
The arrest affidavit for Chang - also known as Julio - identifies the two wounded residents as Kristin Kane, 27, and Noel Robertson, 22.
When police and medical help arrived, Chang fired on them from a window in the neighboring home, 3835 Village Road South. He later was found dead in the apartment of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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