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Default Exactly HOW did WWII actually begin?--important to grasp: Germany was provoked by Poland and Brits

How Did WWII Begin?--An Important Subject Indeed: Brits And Poles Provoke Germany
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 17)

I. Historical Circumstances: WWI Real Beginning Of WWII

So how did, in fact, WWII actually begin is always a good question to think about and to ask anyone, but especially students--which is to say, EVERYONE--nowadays, because the true and proper answer to this question is extremely thematic, something everyone needs to consider and grasp, for there are significant implications--like for the satanic take-over and character of this present travesty called "Western civilization."

For WWII is so often called by the brainless suckers, who continue, so far, to predominate, "the good war," meaning evidently, that it was a war waged for good--for benefit of those wonderful Jews, for instance--which "good" was achieved and was successful, by the "greatest generation," according to one particular paid flack who famously pushed this idiocy.

And why was it the "good war"?--waged by the "greatest generation"?--well, after all, it led directly to expansion of communist empire of Stalin and the Soviets, including China and other countries too--and that's "good," right? And not least WWII was the last step to the Jew-"Israeli" conquest and theft of the land of Palestine. Thus Jews and satanists won WWII, their filthy world dictatorship consolidated and secured now in form of United Nations (UN) which endures to this day, killing and slaughtering, leaving radio-active depleted uranium to infest and affect future populations w. birth-defects and dead deformed babies' bodies, etc.

Thus now UN world dictatorship makes world safe for monopolist corporations to genocide and exterminate the people by means of poison vaccines, poison GMO foods and other poison food additives, poisoned (fluoridated) water supplies, poison prescription drugs, poison "chem-trails," and toxic radiation, electro-magnetic (fm cell-phones) and nuclear, and don't forget the poison glyphosate fertilizers and herbicides--all this in accord w. Agenda-21 and -30 "de-population"--for the "good" of the earth, the heck w. mere humanity.

First and most important to understand and grasp is the real beginning of WWII was the earlier WWI, similar to the Archidamian phase of the ancient Peloponnesian war, which WWI began in 1914, WWII being merely the second act (as the Decelean phase of Peloponnesian), part two to the first war, which was a war instigated by central bankers (see Mises.org for expo on central-banking) for world dictatorship, the League of Nations, and the first stage in theft of Palestine by means of British take-over of the previous Ottoman domains and holdings (See "Shadows of Power," by J. Perloff, and "Hidden History," by Docherty). A bonus for these imperialist criminals, the Entente "Allies" of WWI, was the precious Bolshevik revolution in Russia which became model for world dictatorship which the allies wanted to preserve in WWII.

Thus WWI was a tremendous, amazing, great, and un-expected success for imperialist oligarchs, which merely followed fm the immediate previous political success in USA for establishment of the central-bank, the US Federal Reserve Bank, literally legalized counterfeiting. Thus USA economy was now to fuel world government fm that moment, over a hundred yrs ago, the USA now harnessed as economic locomotive pulling, feeding, and dominating the world economy, funneling money for world dictatorship purposes, funding the bolshevik soviet economy in the period btwn world wars (see Antony C Sutton's "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution"), and not least funding Hitler too and the Nazi party in Germany to insure the second world war, setting Germany up to be knocked-down for sake of UN world dictatorship. Central banker imperialists only needed Poland to decisively instigate the Germans who, unfortunately, fell for the bait, though the war was inevitable, and would surely have come one way or another.

Thus history is best understood as deterministic (according to strict cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will) course, process, and progression of events, following fm the (Aristotelian) objective reality, objectivity a necessary assumption, there being no such thing as a perfectly "free" human will, such "free will" a fiction taught to children for purpose of inducing obedience founded on guilt/inferiority -complex and fallacious "good-evil" fiction/delusion and heresy (Pelagianism of St. Augustine).

Thus history is determinist, hence CYCLIC, in accord w. Oswald Spengler, and his "Decline of the West," the West and the world now having been mouse-trapped by such means as the "world wars," under the iron heel of UN world dictatorship, template and model for which dictatorship offered best in style by the original Soviet communist dictatorship, the Jews afforded their head-quarters now in Palestine, all funded by the central-banking system, this system led, funded, and enforced by USA--so far, at least until the USA system implodes in the inevitable bankruptcy presently impending, "petro-dollar" now (2017) on very brink of collapse.

II. The Part Played By Poland

But again, how exactly did the second world war start? Note it is so often reputed and alleged that Germany "invaded Poland," but fact is that Poland was determined and worked to take the German city of Danzig, and moreover, Poland began a campaign of beatings, riots, and murder of the relatively large number of German civilians, perhaps a million or more, who still lived in Poland, especially in the considerable land Poland had acquired fm Germany as result of the Versailles treaty. Thus the Polish Foreign Minister, Joseph Beck, so successfully instigated and suckered by UK (United Kindom, Britain), told the British Ambassador to Poland, Kennard, on August 29, 1939, the very eve of the war, that the only thing Germany could do to avoid war was to "abandon Danzig once and for all," the Poles having made clear what would happen to the German natives of Danzig to their rights and property (see "The Forced War," by David Hoggan, 539).

Finally and ultimately, the Germans had to take action for the sake of those German civilians being murdered and beaten by the Poles for deliberate purpose of provoking Germany, and invaded in full force by way of preventive war, though the war was actually first and most instigated once again by the British, Poles far too over-confident of their military chances against a re-armed Germany in 1939, not fully realizing, evidently, that once war began there was no direct way Britain or France could help far too over-confident Poland.

Surely, it was one of the most insane and suicidal policies followed by any country, as Poland followed against Germany in 1939, that any state throughout history ever imagined to under-take. And interestingly, at the end of the war in 1945, as at the Yalta conference, Polish interests were quite abused by the Stalinist soviets for territorial losses and occupation in a war first declared by UK (and France) on pretext of defense of Poland. Thus it's conclusively demonstrated Poland was mere cynical pretext for WWII by Brits and "deep-state."

For the plan of the British, encouraged and instigated by the "deep state" imperialists of Rothschild-Rhodes "Round Table" conspirators, was to have a second war, this to entangle USA especially, and to consolidate and establish definitively the new UN world dictatorship. Thus Roosevelt (FDR) of USA began to war-monger against Germany upon his re-election in 1937. Thus Germany, after WWI and Versailles dictate, had been divested of the German port city of Danzig, population of which was over 90% German, at the mouth of the Vistula River, for effective purpose of enslavement for Polish trade, exports and imports. Thus the Poles were encouraged to think Danzig was now their property, and Polish leadership, since 1926 governed by a military junta, was determined Danzig would become and remain theirs--and Poles were encouraged in this wishful thinking by the UK and esp. Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax.

But Germany under Hitler had made it clear Danzig was to return to Germany eventually, this in accord w. the German people of Danzig and their right to self-determination, and thus war was made inevitable btwn Germany and the psychopathic Polish leadership, the Poles now encouraged and instigated by the British by means of an offensive treaty made btwn UK (Britain) and the Poles in March of 1939.

Thus the new Polish state had begun in some respects in practice by the end of 1916 when the Germans decided it expedient to sponsor an ally against the Russians; Poles then were given autonomy in some areas of government, though not nearly complete sovereignty. Soon enough, even before the war-ending Armistice of 11 Nov. 1918, Polish forces were in serious conflict w. Ukrainian forces which Ukraine had been independent since the Brest-Litovsk Treaty Germany had signed (March 1918) w. the new Bolshevik gov. of Russia. And as German forces were withdrawn and dis-armed after the Nov 11 Armistice, Polish forces steadily took significant territory fm the Germans which new acquisitions were largely ratified by the subsequent Versailles Treaty of June 1919.

The new Polish nation quickly found itself in military conflict w. the new states of Lithuania and Czechoslovakia both of which were fairly quickly resolved. Most significant in this immediate post-WWI period was the Polish-Soviet conflict which was finally resolved by the Treaty of Riga, 1921, which netted significant territory for Poland under the leadership of Joseph Pilsudski. So one easily observes the general militarist orientation of the new post-WWI Polish state and gov. in view of that nation's origins forged by means of intensive combat on so many fronts. The bold Polish military initiatives were impressive in many respects, but unfortunately for the Poles, led them to push their luck too far against Germany in 1939, Poles tragically victim to the British instigation, as noted.

Note further, that in 1933, not long after the accession of Hitler as Chancellor, the Poles under Pilsudski offered several times to go to war against Germany, while Germany was still militarily weak, w. cooperation of the French, but as the British were against the idea, the French also rejected the plan(s). Again, in 1936, after Pilsudski's death, and after the German re-militarization of the Rhineland territory, Polish Foreign Minister, Joseph Beck, after consulting w. Polish Marshal Smigly-Rydz, offered to France that Poland would attack Germany in the east if France would attack, but again the British urged the French not to react. Evidently, the Brits and "deep state" calculated the time wasn't quite right to start the war which would have to await the new and coming regime in UK of PM Chamberlain and FM Halifax who strove for war against Germany fm the beginning of their administration in May 1937.

Thus the situation leading to the origin of WWII is more clarified now, much as possible, but for the situation of the state of Czechoslovakia which was another intensively militarist state and which suffered fm its isolated and land-locked position bordered on three sides by Germany, after the "Anschluss" (union) of Germany w. Austria in early 1938. On the only other side was the hostile Slovakia which resented the Czechs as occupiers and oppressors. Thus the Slovaks appealed to Germany for an alliance against the Czechs, and the Germans thereupon found it most expedient to occupy the rump Czech republic as a protectorate (March 1939), the Czechs otherwise hostile to Germany, un-trustworthy as a neighbor, and additionally allied w. the sinister Bolshevik Soviet entity of Russia, which was, however, separated fm the Czechs geographically.

The British thereupon worked to make the German occupation of the Czech state a casus belli (cause for war), but had difficulty when the Poles themselves took a slice of the erstwhile Czechoslovakia (Zaolzie), along w. Hungary, and when Italy supported Germany, France remained indifferent and not enthusiastic for a war merely for the distant and isolated Czechs. Thus the British made their fateful offensive alliance w. Poland (March 1939), and now Poland was given "green light" to instigate war w. Germany w. the connivance of the British.

So the Poles began to put more pressure on Danzig, increasing the number of "customs inspectors" who were conspicuously armed, belligerent, and militant within the city of Danzig, the Poles threatening to halt food shipments to the city. Additionally, the Poles began afore-mentioned most extreme measures against the ethnic Germans who had remained on the land the Poles had taken fm Germany after WWI, the Poles confiscating German-owned land and in many cases physically assaulting the Germans, which led to many deaths. Additionally, the Poles made public threats against the Germans for what they called aggression for the natural German desire to re-unite w. Danzig and German refusal to renounce claims to Danzig.

Thus in the face of extreme Polish hostility, numerous border attacks, loud and prominent making of threats, and intensive oppression, rioting, assaults and murder of German citizens of Poland, all instigated and deliberately encouraged by UK, and especially the devilish Lord Halifax, Hitler and Germany were provoked into the preventive war and invasion of Poland which allowed and led then to the British/French declaration of war against Germany which soon enough became the catastrophe known as WWII and the present genocidal and satanic Jew world order.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

References: See "Shadows of Power," by James Perloff; "Hidden History," by G. Docherty; "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution," and "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler," both by Antony C. Sutton; and "The Forced War," By David Hoggan.

For expo on central-banking, see Mises.org and "The Creature From Jekyll Island," by G. Edward Griffin.
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