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Default Book Review: Watkins' "Crossroads for Liberty"--failure of US Constitution fm original Articles of C

Book Review: "Crossroads For Liberty," by W. Watkins
(Apollonian, 23 Apr 17)

"Crossroads for Liberty: Recovering the Anti-Federalist Values of America's First Constitution," by William J. Watkins Jr.; Independent Inst., Oakland, Ca., 2016; 316 pp, xx, 225 text, appendices, notes, bib., index. is outstanding review and over-view for horrible tragic corruption of US Constitution, beginning fm the 18th cent. Articles of Confederation (hereinafter, simply "Articles") origin. People need to face simple fact: US Constitution WAS HUGE FAILURE--and the mass-murdering Jew S A and Jew world order presently prevailing is proof to anyone w. half a brain. Original Articles of Confederation were much better and only needed relatively slight modifications, as Watkins shows.

Thus Watkins reviews the horrific corruption of US Constitution to the present satanic empire bent upon enforcement of the one-world United Nations (UN) dictatorship and genocidal mass-murder of the world's and including that of US too, people and populations, on-going w. poison drugs, poison vaccines, "chem-trails," poison foods, food-additives, and radiation, nuclear and electro-magnetic, etc. In the US, this mass-murder works by "slow-kill" methods and under cover of the lying, monopolistic Jews-media, the stupid, scummy, over-populated puke, called "the people," blinded by mere idiot "prosperity" and TV glitz which all is now fading rapidly not soon to return.

Watkins thus begins w. the prescient criticism, of the "anti-federalists" (like "Brutus," "Cato," "Centinel," and other, near-famous figures of the editorials of the time) during the original movement to get the 1787 Constitution ratified by the various states--nine were needed to get USA up and running.

Watkins notes once again how ALWAYS, throughout these debates of state ratifying conventions, including criticism given by anti-federalists, the emphasis and primary attn. was put upon preservation of local and state gov. against the encroaching union--which people were at pains to AVOID calling "national" gov.--because the consolidation into a nation, which happened definitively in 1861-5, was anathema and abhorrent to practically all parties, even the "federalists"--excepting Hamilton, no doubt. Watkins shows how the anti-federalists are now shown to be so accurate and even prophetic, "Cassandras," and the federalist defenders, like Madison and Hamilton, shown-up as so miserably wrong for so many of the poor excuses they made for their disastrously centralized constitution.

The genius of the federalists, not as well known then, but as we now know fm history, was their centralization of government especially for the coming national power having to do nearly exclusively for the amazing economic productivity, power, and wealth which was generated, in conjunction w. fortunate conditions of virgin, un-developed, yet extremely fertile land soon to be populated by a Western European people so capable and willing of production and manufacture. The wealth that was practically immediately produced blinded the people, even to this very day, to looming problems of political centralization which would eventually, as we now see, reverse everything, USA become Jew S A, mass-murdering, satanic dictatorship--facts must be faced.

So to begin for Watkins' work, perhaps most of all, he examines and demonstrates in the first place what an excellent document the original Articles really were, how they successfully won the war of Independence, and how minor, really, were any of the defects which could have been easily rectified w. only a few measures and just a little re-writing. The great work here then is in Watkins' worthy vindication of the Articles, something needed and useful for people's info after all the yrs and even centuries of lies and dis-info.

Who wrote-up the first draft Articles document?--it was John Dickinson, of Delaware and Pennsylvania, in 1776, who interestingly, had refused to sign on to the Declaration of Independence, imagining there was still a chance of reconciliation w. the mother country. After the Declaration was adopted, Dickenson worked for a functioning government, and even here, emphasis was always for independence of the states. After the war, however, some problems became so dramatically urgent, as w. the Shays Rebellion in Mass., the federalists, like Washington, wanted improvement for efficiency and more close cooperation of states.

As the state ratifying conventions continued to discuss the Constitution, they suggested amendments; there were dozens and dozens of amendments offered up by the various states, and two states, N. Carolina and Rhode Island kept back fm ratifying, preferring to wait-and-see. As a sop to these critics then, Madison as Virginia Rep. to the first Congress, saw to submission of 12 amendments, of which the last 10 (no.s 3 through 12) were ratified and adopted immediately and became known to this day as the "Bill of Rights."

Of course, one of the great objections to the federal spending and taxing of the Constitution regarded "improvements" done in one state but paid for by receipts fm another, an insuperable problem unless states could nullify and/or secede, which actions one notes were not prohibited. Another great problem was the central bank ("Bank of the US") which was not allowed by the Constitution, but which however, was rationalized (by Federalist John Marshall, "McCulloch v. Maryland," 1819) by the Supreme Court upon excuse it wasn't explicitly prohibited. Note such central bank is actually a criminal enterprise, literally legalized counterfeiting (see Mises.org for expo), and it requires as large a base, hence as many states and people as possible, in order to do most possible "inflating" of "money supply"--actually not real money at all, which "money" must be commodity-based, like gold/silver, but rather a worthless substitute, called "currency."

After the horrible mass-murder of the 1860s war "btwn states" it was obvious to anyone not blinded by the idiot "morality" ("freeing the slaves" to becoming enforcers of Republican dictatorship) which continues to prevail w. so many fools and suckers to this day that a great, but now rather falsely dignified dictatorship had arisen fm such Constitution, and the dictatorship was masked and cloaked by the amazing and continued "prosperity" which was produced by the still potent and vital economy founded by the general system/culture, legal and sociologic, stemming fm preceding European civilization so famously expounded by Adam Smith and his "Wealth of Nations."

USA soon enough went on, after further digestion of the western territories of USA and extermination of the Plains Indians, to outright imperialist war against Spain in 1898, gaining the colony of Philippines, and then the world wars, I and II, bringing us to the Jew world order of the present day and continued extermination of the population of the world (Agenda 21, etc.). Such is the legacy of the US Constitution, suckers--get a clue.

So Watkins' great and excellent expository work, "Crossroads...," places things Constitutional in best perspective historically, legally, and sociological, specifically by way of original Articles of Confederation, and original anti-federalist critics, those critics now shown to be so prophetic for insight and analysis. This bloody, corrupt empire which arose out of the original USA must urgently be transformed, as by way of real money, gold/silver, and states rights (e.g., nullification and secession) for basic political principles, but even more by way of original anti-semitic Christianity (truth = Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, vs. Jew lies, JOHN 8:44) for basic culture, re-establishing that Western ideal of truth and objective reality.
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