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Default Book Review: "Masonry Un-Masked," epic expose' by Salza

Book Review: "Masonry Unmasked," Epic Expose' by Salza
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 17)

John Salza's epic masterpiece and grand expose', "Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge," Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.; Huntington, IN, 2006, 222 pp, 194 text, Bib. glossary, appendices, no index, is outstanding exposition of masonry, its tricks and characteristics. Salza himself (see JohnSalza.com, also Amazon.com authors page) is knowledgeable veteran of the masonic "Blue Lodge" organization (basic first 3 degrees), having been a member and rising then to 32nd degree (Scottish), and joining the Shriners, since resigned, of course.

Salza is also a J.D. (lawyer) and dedicated Catholic, so it's no wonder he eventually grew to having serious questions regarding compatibility of Masonry w. Christianity. No less than 12 popes have spoken definitively against the masons, fm the mid 18th cent., condemning masonry as gross anti-Christianity, heresy, etc. Salza's background perspective and orientation is Catholic, but w. respect to masonry, he shows his Catholic foundation suffices for general Christianity as it compares masonry for basic philosophy and inherent conflicts.

Salza begins w. a history of freemasonry as it diverged fm the original "operant" masonry (having to do w. actual construction of stone structures) and became official in 1717 in London, becoming active in American colonies by at least 1750. The French equivalent, "Grand Orient," instituted in 1724. Many of the original American founders were lower-level members of masonic clubs or lodges.

So this freemasonry first pretends to being rationalistic, teaching "light," "truth" and "morality," but never really anything specific that ever stands up to serious analysis, and there is no definitive document or exposition for what masonry actually is. In USA, the state Grand Lodges determine masonic doctrine for masons of their state, and for practical purposes, about half of the Grand Lodges follow Dr. Albert Mackey's (1807-81) "landmarks" as given fm his "Encyclopedia."

To be a mason, one needs merely express belief in God, though it could be any God, Jew, Christian, Muslim, or other. Indeed, one must note the practical purpose of masonry was to provide a common denominator, such as it's plausible, first, for the Jew and Christian, pretending to reason above all, the Jews, never forget, being arbiters of finance, middlemen for that basic monetary foundation for loans--it's why masonry became common for all the European empires, British, French, Austrian, and others too, they all requiring access to necessary financing for the constant and incessant warfare, always benefitting the Jew and banker middlemen, Jews evermore dominating in history as they're so cohesive and collectivist for internal organization (see Talmudical.blogspot.com).

And masonry officially denies it's "religious," insisting it's primarily fraternal, combining rationalism w. belief in supreme being, but insisting on resurrection of the body, eternal life of the soul--as in the ceremony for the 3rd degree, "master" mason. Masonry insists members must favor fellow members over non-members, keeping the various "secrets"--which, regarding the craft itself, are mostly well-known--but especially particular secrets of the criminally-inclined brotherhood, upon oaths and penalty of death and fearful punishments, which it then pretends are merely "symbolic." The only secrets not required to be kept are regarding treason and murder.

Another religious holding of masonry regards achievement of masonic heaven, the "great celestial lodge," is by means of quality of works--Pelagian heresy, according to Christianity. For Christianity holds all are sinners and heaven is only attained by God's grace. Salza explains the masonic religion suffers grievously, first, fm "indifferentism," the idea of a general God regardless of particular details, including details of ends and means, and masonry encourages one not to seeking any such details, to merely being happy w. general and vague notions.

Next problem for masonry is "syncretism" the blending of different and opposed theses into a false and pretended one or whole. For Christianity is not compatible w. Judaism, for example, Christianity holding to a God-created, hence objective reality and hence truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Jews holding reality is merely what Jews, esp. the leadership, says it is (subjectivism). Same goes for Islam which is gross religion of command and servile obedience, denying the God-ship of Christ. Thus masonry consists of an amalgam and eclectic hodge-podge of notions and beliefs, a catch-all shell pretending to being anything and everything for anyone.

Salza next, chapt. 8, details the masonic conspiracy regarding the US Supreme Court when Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), a 33 degree mason began to packing the court w. masons, naming nine justices, including six masons, throughout his three terms (FDR died shortly after beginning his fourth term). Truman, another 33 degree mason, named four justices, all of them masons, and Eisenhower made both of his appointments masons also. Thus fm 1941 to -71 a majority of the justices serving on the court were masons. Salza shows how the masonic Sup. ct. made it its business to interfering in exclusive state laws which assisted various Christian Churches, schools, and other organizations.

So the great virtue of Salza's work for exposing Freemasonry is not just brevity, but the extremely well-organized, incisive, and well-written analysis of masonic theology and philosophy, such as it is, very shallow and simplistic, masonry meant and obviously designed as a shell organization for colluding heretics of all the various religions and sects for purposes of pushing an all-things for all people sort of sham-religion serving a distinct satanic, anti-Christ purpose, thus promoting dis-unity of the people trying to resist satanism, satanism always led by Jews.

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