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Default Book Review: "Northern Rebellion and Southern Secession," by Ewing

Book Review: "Northern Rebellion and Southern Secession," by Ewing
(Apollonian, 18 Feb 17)

E.W.R. Ewing's "Northern Rebellion and Southern Secession," J.L. Hill Co., Richmond, Va., 1904, 383 pp, 364 text, bibliography, no index, is neglected masterpiece, ignored and seems to be out-of-print, so I'm proud to have re-discovered it. And the book is outstanding for its information for student and scholar, the book and its info nowadays ignored and overlooked, the work itself being extremely well researched and well written, much rewarding for the reader working to understand events of mid-nineteenth century America and consolidation of the centralized state leading to the welfare state and world gov. empire as we struggle against in this day.

So what's Ewing's thesis?--he shows quite convincingly the southern states were victims of a serious conspiracy of Northern interests, but "victims" includes the northern states too--all the states--were actually victims of consolidationists who worked to exterminate rights and sovereignty of the states, the northern states and people being stampeded, not so much by the "abolitionists" themselves, but actually agents who rather co-opted the abolitionists and others, including the free-soilers who didn't really care about the blacks or slaves, except to keeping slavery and blacks out of the Western territories newly acquired fm the Mexican war.

Thus Ewing begins w. excellent and extensive background for the large American history regarding slavery, including treatment of original Articles of Confederation and the "Northwest Territories." But focus of Ewing's thesis has to do especially w. the Kansas tumult, turmoil, and activity regarding slavery vs. free-soilers, beginning in early 1850s, and he pt.s out how the initiative was prosecuted by the money-power and overwhelming influence fm the north, esp. New England, which bought and transported over five thousand Sharp's rifles, Colt revolvers, and even artillery into the Kansas territory, and even included depradations in state of Missouri itself, going so far as to even intimidating Fed officials and officers themselves.

This conspiratorial activity extended further into the notorious John Brown raid on Harper's Ferry (Va.) Federal Arsenal in 1859, Brown aided and funded by these northern conspirators who were in turn supported politically by various northern state officials, who refused to extraditing fugitives. Finally, Ewing pt.s out how the northern states had essentially nullified the Fugitive Slave laws, totally against Constitutional contract, effectively absolving the southern states fm any adherence. The Republican Party is thus accurately seen as anti-American as it was anti-southern and anti-Constitutional, working for the consolidated nation, against state rights even though nominally upholding the rights of free white labor.

So Ewing's thesis is that northern states were led by Republicans into the real rebellion against Constitution which thereupon forced the southern states to face and admit to their isolation and necessity of subsequent secession, which then was used as pretext by these northern states and interests for most horrific war and destruction of the south and southern white people--but also of the legitimate states rights and interests of all the states, including those of the north.

Thus imagine a ruthless conqueror empire plotting the destruction of another entity, like the southern states, but now only observe how it was actually done in the American example of the 1860s, the southern states practically an irrelevant appendage to the American union which was busily expanding it's industry, building railroads and factories, and moving into and occupying the newly-won western lands fm Mexico.

Thus on the side, for this growing northern and industrial juggernaut of the 1860s, we see how this amazing and powerful entity conquered and devastated the southern states, but also the northern states too, as for states rights, on a moralistic, anti-slavery pretext as excuse for the expanding totalitarian centralized dictatorship presently consolidating a world dictatorship, the New World Order.

Thus Ewing's work is such outstanding masterpiece for clear and compelling picture of this most ruthless and blood-thirsty consolidationist, nationalist power which had so brilliantly co-opted the various interests of the northern people, including abolitionists and free-soilers who simply wanted exclusive white rights for the western labor market, even in contempt of the blacks and aside fm abolitionism. It's truly a tremendous work of history by Ewing, given in pains-taking detail, especially for the Kansas events and circumstances, placed within detailed context of American history including the larger world history of slavery in general.
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