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Old 01-12-2017, 08:03 AM
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Default Former Miss Italy finalist awarded an acid facial by ex afrocoonus lover


Former Miss Italy finalist Jessica Notaro scarred. The former boyfriend of Cape Verde: 'I have an alibi'
Cape Verdean questioned by police denies accusations. The woman threatens damage to the eye

12 January 2017

Jorge Edson Tavares, the 29 year-old Cape Verde accused of scarred with acid his ex Jessica Notaro, Rimini of 28 years and former Miss Italy, insisted under questioning in support of an alibi.
The man has in fact told that he had spent the night between Tuesday and Wednesday (when Jessica was attacked) with a woman in Cattolica. The person named was in turn heard it from the police, but in the statement that would be made up of inconsistencies timetable in which the two were together. It was Gessica Notaro to indicate what his former manager, already warned by the superintendent in August for stalking against the girl. Tavares was traced by the police yesterday morning in the apartment where you are staying, in the hospital area. It is subjected to detention on charges of grievous bodily harm, pending the validation of the arrest.

This is yet another act of violence against a woman, again with acid to disfigure the victim. Gessica Notaro, Rimini 28 years, is hospitalized at Cesena Bufalini and could damage your eyesight. The woman, a former Miss Italy finalist, was assaulted by former boyfriend, Jorge Edson Tavares, a native of Cape Verde. In August, the man had made the author of other ill-treatment and its cargo had been opened a dossier which resulted in a measure of warning of the superintendent.

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