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Default Book Review, Essay on Joe Story fm McClellan's Biography

Grim Significance And Tragic Consequences Of Joseph Story
Review Of McClellan's Work: "Joseph Story..."
(Apollonian, 9 Jan 17)

James McClellan's biographic work, "Joseph Story and the American Constitution: A Study in Political and Legal Thought," U. of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Ok., 1971, 413 pp, 312 text, appendices, bibliography, index; is highly creditable work which does excellent enough job in exposition of Joseph Story, Sup. ct. Justice, extremely important for understanding development of "big bro.," what McClellan himself calls "Leviathan" state which culminated, for one tragic episode, in US "Civil" war of 1860s, then "reconstruction" dictatorship over the ruthlessly and cruelly conquered and decimated south, which "reconstruction" has now extended over the rest of the country and even the world, as history observes fm all the various developments of empire to the world wars and the "cold" war, Vietnam, OKC bombing, and 9/11, etc.

Joseph Story is thus truly revealed as one of the primary enablers and builders of Big bro. and "Leviathan" fm American history, no less than Karl Marx, for example, and it's vitally important to understand how and why. For Story and his legal theory must be understood as crucial condition for the 1860s war no less than slavery which is otherwise so over-blown in the minds of fools.

Thus Story served on US Sup. ct. along w. his fellow "nationalist" enemy of states-rights, John Marshall, till Marshall's death in 1835, Story's career spanning fm 1811, when Story was mere 32 yrs old, appointed by Pres. Madison, who was reputedly otherwise stumped for finding a New England "Republican" (or Democratic-Republican, as they were called then), upon supposition Story was one of those Republicans, to Story's death in 1845. To this very day, too few people realize Story's real place and significance for building of the horrific consolidated tyranny which would mass-murder so many people, first in the USA during the 1860s, then throughout the world as we see presently.

Thus it was Story who supplied the particulars of theory which front-man Marshall, who though, genuinely believed on his own account, then sold and advocated as Chief Justice, along w. spokesman Dan Webster in the US Senate, against the far more logical, rational, sensible, and actually verifiable "compact" theory of Thomas Jefferson and later, John C. Calhoun, famous Senator and statesman fm S. Carolina.

Thus Jefferson and Calhoun understood the "compact" among the states acting as effective agents of the people who devised the union of states, the states fully sovereign, but who and which then delegated part of that sovereignty to the union for specific purposes itemized and detailed in the Constitution, the union then properly understood as agent, servant, and creation of the states acting for the people of the states and union.

Perhaps most important issue to grasp and understand is who can judge as un-biased 3rd party in any dispute btwn state and fed. gov.?--obviously it cannot, must not be US Sup. ct., as it's PART of fed. gov. Thus states must be their own judge, no diff. fm parties to a treaty btwn/among nations.

Not so, insisted Story, against Jefferson and Calhoun, Story rather pushing the supposed "superior" sovereignty of the union which Story held was enacted by the whole people, the people acting as a unified whole, apart and aside fm the states, which such "superior" sovereignty Story preposterously continued to insist was active even under the Articles of Confederation before the Constitution. See Story's "Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States," published 1833.

Story's theory was refuted convincingly and in finest details by numerous people, both before and after the war of the 1860s, perhaps most notably by Abel P. Upshur, Sec. of State under Pres. John Tyler, in Upshur's work published in 1840, "A Brief Enquiry into the Nature and Character of our Federal Government...." But it's important to understanding full circumstances for the climate of advocacy and understanding, the partisans of Story enjoying huge and formidable advantages in way of central-bank funding of propaganda and politicians for election campaigns, the backers of Story's big-government Leviathan being no less than the central-bankers connected ultimately w. the Jew and Rothschild money-power of England and Europe. See Mises.org for expo on central-banking.

Thus the notorious wheeler-dealer of the US Senate, Henry Clay, was a follower of Story's consolidationist theory along w. Clay's protege', Abraham Lincoln, who was later to apply that theory in mass-murder and military conquest of the south during Lincoln's presidency. Thus the USA was transformed into big-bro. and Leviathan while the poor people hardly understood what was happening, esp. in the midst of the pro- and anti-slavery hysteria, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Bleeding Kansas," Dred Scott Decision, John Brown attack on Harper's Ferry Arsenal, etc., most perfect cloak and mask for the tyranny being installed under the noses of the people.

For note additionally, the further circumstance of such Leviathan was the great economic prosperity of USA, even if eventually to be squandered and wasted, this tremendous prosperity built by the original freedom of the republic, which prosperity was hardly affected, relatively, by the war of 1860s, horrendous and bloody as the war truly was. Thus nation and economy continued to expand, as to the beckoning western lands of USA, the ostensive fortunes of the people of the more populous north hardly affected even as the people of the south were murdered and decimated. Such was the tragic development and expression of political science and historical and sociologic circumstances.

Note that even to this very day, the merits of the great issue of states-rights and social compact of the states is so easily diverted and distracted by the subject of slavery and the veritably demonically-affected subject of moralism which Pharisaism so easily manipulates in the minds of the legion of fools. Thus McClellan's work is so meritable for extensive, detailed, but perhaps most of all, rather lucid exposition he gives for the strict subject-matter of Story's legal theory, practice, historical circumstances, and effects.

I'm thus very glad I read McClellan's work and recommend it for anyone and everyone, esp. for those interested in hist. and legal circumstances of USA in general and specifically then the 1860s war. People must not forget there's much un-finished business in way of restoring proper Constitutional gov. and real justice.
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