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Old 10-29-2016, 10:14 PM
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Default Book Review: "Hillary's America," by darkskin D'Souza

Book Review: "Hillary's America" By "D'Souza
Hillary The Criminal Against Background Of Democrat Misanthropy
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 16)

Dinesh D'Souza's, "Hillary's America: the Secret History of the Democratic Party," Regnery Publishing, Wash. DC, 2016, 267 pp. text, ix, 294, index, notes, couches his rather factualistic disapproval of Hillary Clinton within a larger thesis, the not only criminal, but "immoral" nature of the Democratic party, who are the "bad-guys," Republicans the "good-guys," including Lincoln who saved the Union, dear man, according to our dark-skinned guru fm India here to lecture and instruct us white Western fools. D'Souza also denounces the holohoax along w. "oppression" of (American) Indians and blacks.

What's surely most interesting is D'Souza's exposition upon the Democratic party, aside fm the utterly presumptuous moralism, the expo then morphing into analysis of "progressivism" which is a great problem of today, Democrats formerly going along w. the KKK, so execrable. Perhaps most interesting for this progressive movement is Margaret Sanger who worked to remove inferior humans by means of birth-control and "planned parenthood"--which was thereupon much adopted by Hitler in Germany.

For note this progressivism had to do not only w. birth-control, but also sterilization which was tragically inflicted upon thousands of women, including many whites, in USA, this sterilization still quite a little-known fact. Further, the deliberate infection of blacks at Tuskeegee Institute was another product of this "Progressivism." So D'Souza deserves some credit for his bringing-up such as these afore-mentioned facts, expressed within his cogently-expressed theses, even as it is so otherwise questionable, to say the least, pretending to moralism, etc.

D'Souza writes very smoothly for style as he first builds his case against Democrats, taking more than half the book in doing so, but then, before moving specifically to Hillary Clinton subject, he gives a further brief, chapter-length history of Saul Alinsky for his philosophy, such as it is, and his effect upon Hillary. Turns out Alinsky was great fan of Al Capone and even befriended Capone's successor, Frank Nitti, as Alinsky perfected his tactics and technique for "organizing" and agitating, later adopted and practiced by Obama. D'Souza's strict expo upon the Hillary subject only takes up the final eighty pages of the book's text, though there are passing mentions in the other parts.

So D'Souza takes specific umbrage at Andrew Jackson, a pretty tall order, building a case against Jackson for stealing land fm Indians and owning over a hundred slaves. Lincoln was a hero for preserving the sacred union and a true friend of blacks, D'Souza assures us, the poor sports of the south having started their rebellion merely because they lost an election, golly gee. Senator Steven Douglas is not spared, even if he supported Lincoln's aggression against the southern states. Of course for all his economy, D'Souza glosses over a lot of facts, including the illegal and un-Constitutional ratification of the 14th Amendment, and there's no mention I can remember of the 10th Amendment. D'Souza briefly discusses Jefferson, but doesn't note his theory of nullification, and ignores Jackson's actions in response to S. Carolina's nullification of the Tariff law in 1832.

So we see D'Souza, despite his glibness (even schizoid tendency) for superficial expo, is deficient for basic respect for pertinent facts regarding necessary political history. For D'Souza wants to concentrate rather upon moralism and childish good-guys vs. bad-guys, esp. as regards race, ignorant whites not allowed to be loyal to their own people, ancestors, and culture, naturally. No wonder D'Souza upholds Jew-serving holohoax lies. After all, the "good" white people among the founders always meant to be against racism and racial loyalty, slavery, and immigration of dark-skin gurus like D'Souza so as to instruct ignorant white people.

Additionally, D'Souza excoriates the presumed "progressive" Democratic Presidents, Wilson, FDR, and LBJ (Johnson) who pushed the "Great Society" and Civil Rights law(s) of the 60s, not without adducing interesting facts, like Wilson's segregation orders for various gov. agencies, FDR's maintaining such segregation, and appointing southern segregationists to the Supreme Court. D'Souza pt.s-out that blacks became Democrats due to FDR's increased welfare spending and -programs. Amazingly, whites of the south became Republicans beginning at least by the 60s.

So D'Souza's work is not totally worthless for expo, as his theses tying together Democratism, progressivism, fascism, and collectivism are interesting even if somewhat flawed in places, and his style is smooth, even quite glib, so it makes for rather easy reading, everything considered. D'Souza is absolutely convinced he does humanity a great svc for his lecturing, pontification, and recitation--all for the great cause of moralism, u see. Thus Hillary Clinton is exposed, not only for particular facts of her own life and career, but also for the background of Democratic politics, Hillary another Democratic demagogue, fitting-in so well w. her own sort of criminality. So I found D'Souza's work rather interesting, not a waste of time, esp. for way he relates and integrates the progressivist theme.
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