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Old 06-23-2016, 10:51 AM
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Default Climate Hoax Retards Rescued From South Pole

These idiots study "climate change" at the South Pole. They also burn diesel fuel, about $10 million dollars worth, something like 300,000 gallons. These guys are just too stupid to get a job!


The costs are daunting. A tanker flight delivering 3,000 gallons of diesel to the South Pole costs $100,000 or about $33 per gallon


How the "incredible" South Pole rescue mission unfolded

Two American contractors who became sick at the South Pole are now safely out of Antarctica. They arrived at a clinic in Southern Chile after enduring two long flights.

The patients are two U.S. contractors with Lockheed Martin. According to a nurse at the hospital, the female worker is suffering from a complicated gastric problem, while the male worker suffered a heart attack, reports CBS Sports' Dana Jacobson.

In near total darkness and with wind chill exceeding 100 degrees below zero, a Canadian-owned turboprop plane finally reached the bottom of the world Tuesday.

After a roughly 10-hour layover to let the flight crew rest, the evacuees boarded the twin otter plane and headed for a British outpost, some 1,500 miles away.
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