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Old 02-18-2016, 02:57 PM
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Default City paid shoddy unlicensed gypsy daycare provider for years: suit


City paid shoddy unlicensed daycare provider for years: suit
By Julia Marsh and Kenneth Garger
February 18, 2016 | 3:37pm

Kathy Bluma's home in Queens
Photo: Dennis A. Clark

The city yanked the license of a shoddy Queens daycare provider — yet continued to shell out $280,000 to her for phony services for years.

Now the city’s Administration for Children’s Services is suing owner Kathy Bluma to recoup the money.

Bluma, who lives in a $1.2 million Bayside home, according to city records, did not answer her door Thursday. Her daughter-in-law, Barbara Sox, said Bluma returned to her native Romania three years ago and sold her daycare centers in 2011.

But the new Manhattan civil suit says Bluma had been collecting thousands of dollars in payments from ACS through May 2014, even though she had her license yanked in 2009.

Her license was revoked after the city’s Department of Buildings shuttered her WB Innovative Day Care center in Jamaica for a faulty fire alarm, according to court papers.

But Bluma, 50, continued to run at least five other unlicensed centers, including an Elmhurst location where a special-needs child was nearly killed by traffic when he left the facility and walked across Junction Boulevard.

Through the Elmhurst day care and other facilities in Queens and The Bronx, Bluma charged ACS for phony claims including duplicate invoices for multiple children enrolled at separate locations.

ACS investigated the fraud and issued a demand for repayment in 2014, but Bluma still hasn’t refunded the agency, the suit says.
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