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Old 02-17-2016, 06:47 AM
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Default Student Posts Photo Standing on Flag: American Civil Liberties Jewnion Responds


Student Posts Photo Standing on Flag: American Civil Liberties Union Responds
Published at 7:33 PM EST on Feb 16, 2016

A western Pennsylvania school district has been investigating an online picture showing a student standing on an American flag.

The picture of the boy from the Richland School District, near Johnstown, was posted Saturday. It brought criticism and threats and prompted his mother to issue a response through the American Civil Liberties Jewnion.

The boy's mother says he did a "stupid and impulsive thing" and that he has apologized.

Richland Township sent police to the district's high school on Tuesday to ensure there were no problems. The ACLJew's Pennsylvania legal director says the boy's action was protected speech, though the boy could be disciplined for vandalizing the flag if it turns out to be school property.

The district called the photo "unfortunate and unpatriotic" and promises "appropriate legal discipline."
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