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Old 12-31-2018, 05:39 AM
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Default Holocult Comes to the Moon: Jews are Trying to Fool Aliens Now


Holocult Comes to the Moon: Jews are Trying to Fool Aliens Now
December 30, 2018

WE ARE ALL FAMILIAR with Jews’ attempts to shape the public understanding of history. But for Jews to try and control what aliens might think about the Earth’s inhabitants in the future, after all human life has been extinguished, is a level of crazy beyond what I thought even they would be capable of.

But that really is what the Jews are doing. They are sending a time capsule to the moon to tell future alien visitors about the “Holocaust”. For real.

Israel’s Declaration of Independence and national anthem. The Bible. The memories of a Holocaust survivor. Children’s drawings of space and the moon; art, science, literature and technology; the Traveler’s Prayer and a note from former president Shimon Peres containing a verse from the Book of Genesis. All of these — three discs containing hundreds of digital files — were inserted Monday in a time capsule scheduled to head to the moon sometime next year, when Israel hopes to launch and land its first ever spacecraft to the moon.

…Anteby said that a few months ago at a conference he met the son of a Holocaust survivor. “When he heard about this inspiring mission, he asked me to put on the disc a story that his father wrote” about his experiences during the Holocaust.

The time capsule, which will travel to the moon inside SpaceIL’s lunar spacecraft
, will also hold details about the spacecraft and the crew that built it; Israel’s national symbols; cultural objects; paintings collected over years from the public for sending to the moon; dictionaries in 27 languages and encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, an indication of knowledge accumulated by all humanity thus far; Israeli songs; books of art, science and Israeli literature; information about Israeli scientific and technological discoveries and developments that influenced the world; photos of Israel’s landscapes and of leading figures in Israeli culture; and a children’s book that was inspired by SpaceIL’s mission to the moon.

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