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Old 09-12-2018, 06:31 AM
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Default NIGerian charged after mystery negress found strangled, dumped inside recycling bin in his bedroom


Houston man charged after mystery woman found strangled and dumped inside recycling bin in his bedroom

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --
Authorities are trying to identify the mystery woman who was found strangled and left inside a recycling bin in a Houston man's bedroom.

DISTURBING PHOTO WARNING: Photo of female victim may not be suitable for everyone.

Alex Jude Akpan, 24, is charged with tampering with evidence. Court documents state that his mother found a woman's body inside a green recycling bin in his room.

Investigators tried to interview Akpan, but he requested an attorney.

The Harris County Medical Examiner said the woman was found dead on Sept. 5 in the home in the 9600 block of Wellsworth Drive. Her identity is not known.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said the residents of the home said they do not know who the woman is.

Akpan is out on bond. The Harris County District Attorney's Office asked for a higher bond, stating that he could be charged with murder.

Eyewitness News spoke to Akpan's sister by phone. She said she doesn't live at the home and has not talked to her brother. She also said she didn't know who the woman was.

The Harris County medical examiner's office is asking for the public's help to learn who the woman was. She is described as a young black woman, 5'6" in height, weighing about 162 pounds, with short to medium length black hair. She had single ear piercings with large yellow metal hoop earrings. She was wearing a striped t-shirt with the words 'NYC Classic' and olive green pants labeled as being from "Forever 21." A gray Hanes brand zipper hooded sweatshirt (size small) was tied around her waist. She was found without shoes or socks.

DISTURBING PHOTO WARNING: Photo of female victim below.


Nigerian man charged after mystery woman was found strangled and dumped inside bin in his bedroom (graphic photo)

Comments (10)
7 about 4 hours ago

Na wah ooh!

Anonymous about 3 hours ago

My God... the mother is a good woman

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

She has no option here otherwise she will also be charged with conspiracy with the chips are down.
James Udosen about 3 hours ago

This is serious.

Queenet adaobi about 2 hours ago

Nawah o

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

If a woman was found strangled and stuffed into a gabbage disposal bag in his bedroom, it does need a Sherlock Holmes to unravel who killed her. For Heavens sakes, no one strangles themselves, then climbs into a gabbage bag to take a nap. His bedroom is not exactly NY Grand Central Terminal or Central Park : it is HIS bedroom! And those idiots have him out on bail.

Prisca-Wealth Eghomwanre about 1 hour ago

Nigerians in diaspora always in the news for the wrong reasons.

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

While publish her dead photo! na real wa! Oyinbo people no get respect for Black people! if it were a White family, they would not do this by publishing its dead photo

Anonymous about 46 minutes ago

How will she be identified if her picture isnt published?Sometimes,think before you write.
Anonymous about 45 minutes ago

So how else would they have sought her identity?
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