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Old 07-28-2020, 12:15 AM
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Default Whot is this black ARMED 'MILITIA' 'NFAC' - New 'Black Panthers'????

Who Is the Armed Militia Group Traveling to Louisville?


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This Saturday, members of the Not F****** Around Coalition (NFAC) are coming to Louisville to demonstrate their first and second amendment rights.

What You Need To Know
Black armed militia group coming to Metro City Hall this weekend

The group is supporting Black people's right to the second amendment, Breonna Taylor

The group's leader has talked to AG Cameron, Metro Council President James

Cameron and James said the call was productive, James expects the protest to be peaceful
“Black pants, black button-down shirt, black masks, shotgun, semi-automatic or rifle. Pistols, hide holsters are under your arm. If you’re not in that uniform, won’t be in the formation. Period,” said NFAC leader Grandmaster Jay during a video post announcing the date the formation will happen in Louisville.

He and other NFAC members will not be messing around with their first and second amendment rights, as both will be on full display as they plan to go to Metro City Hall this weekend.

Fred Morris, an Atlanta-based freelance photographer, documented the pro-Black militia’s formation at Stone Mountain in Georgia on July 4 this year.

“From everything I saw, everything was peaceful. There was no kind of violence or threats or anything like that against any other people,” Morris told Spectrum News 1.

In a YouTube video where Jay made the Louisville formation announcement, he said this isn’t a protest, demonstration or march, but it’s a formation made up of NFAC members in uniform open carrying. Jay made it clear in the video that only those who know how to shoot a gun, have fired a gun, are NFAC members or who want to be inducted the day of can participate.
Red Nation Rising

"Watch the leader of #NFAC say they're being paid! "

"Everybody want to get on the bandwagon now because they giving out money..."

They're hired mercenaries, domestic terrorists. What’s being done about this? cc: @realDonaldTrump



And then he makes the "sssh" gesture

Not mercs, they're thugs, flying monkeys.

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Old 09-19-2020, 10:47 PM
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Default Re: Whot is this black ARMED 'MILITIA' 'NFAC' - New 'Black Panthers'????

Black militia member accidentally shoots his comrades during face off with Three Percenters in Louisville - as leader demands truth about Breonna Taylor's death in four weeks 'or we'll burn this motherf****r down'
At least three people were wounded when a gun 'accidentally fired' by black militia members in Louisville
Louisville police formed a barricade separating the 'Not F*****g Around Coalition' and the Three Percenters
NFAC is a group of heavily armed black militia members based in Atlanta, Georgia
They joined Black Lives Matter protests demanding the arrest of cops linked to Breonna Taylor's death
They faced off against the Three Percenters - a far-right militia group that claimed to be providing 'security' during Saturday's rally
NFAC Leader John 'Grandmaster Jay' Johnson delivered a fiery speech in which he gave officials running the investigation into Taylor's death an ultimatum
He called on members to return to Louisville in four weeks time and 'burn this motherf****r down' if the investigation was not complete and to demand 'the truth'
Taylor was a 26-year-old black EMT who was fatally shot in her home during botched drug raid by police
Five people were arrested by Louisville police officers Saturday but no violence was reported
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