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Old 08-08-2018, 03:57 PM
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Default ‘Just don’t do it’: (CHINESE) Smugglers busted over thousands of fake Nikes


‘Just don’t do it’: Smugglers busted over thousands of fake Nikes
By Kaja Whitehouse and Natalie O'Neill
August 7, 2018 | 6:11pm | Updated

A counterfeiting ring smuggled hundreds of thousands of pairs of knock-off Nike Air Jordan sneakers into New York and New Jersey, authorities said Tuesday — as they warned, “Just don’t do it.”

Nearly 400,000 pairs of the trendy fake kicks were shipped from factories in China over the past two and a half years — costing Nike more than $70 million, said officials from Homeland Security, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the NYPD.

Five accused fake-shoe traffickers — Mikuki Suen, 43, Jian Min Huang, 42, Songhua Qu, 54, Kin Lui Chen, 53, and Fangrang Qu, 31 — slapped counterfeit Nike logos on the sneakers in warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens and then sold them nationwide, authorities said.

Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman warned crooks to think twice before smuggling knock-offs.

“I commend our law enforcement partners for helping to bring today’s charges, which send a clear message to would-be counterfeiters: ‘Just don’t do it,’” Berman said. “The five defendants in this case allegedly counterfeited over $70 million in fake Nike shoes and sold them to buyers on the U.S. market.”

Investigators seized at least 42 shipping containers of phony Air Jordan VII’s and Air Jordan XI’s — which can sell for hundreds of dollars a pop if they’re real — with the help of a confidential buyer.

“These counterfeiting networks can be both detrimental to our economy and threaten our national security, and HSI will continue to take every measure in investigating and dismantling these organizations,” said ICE HSI Special Agent-in-Charge Angel Melendez.
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