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Old 11-08-2019, 08:11 AM
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Default Watch fat sow destroy her Mercedes trying to cut in line for chicken sandwich La La Land Popeye's


Desperate Popeyes chicken sandwich fan destroys her car as she attempts to cut in line at an LA chain's drive-thru

The woman, driving an early 2000s silver Mercedes, can be seen trying to cut through a downtown LA drive-thru
Perplexed customers watched her try to force her car between a pillar and in front of another car in the line
Despite the opening being quite obviously too narrow for her car to fit through, the woman advances regardless, purposely scraping against a post
As bystanders call out that she's 'f***ing [her] sh*t up,' she backs up and grinds her car against the same post again, before shunting forward and hitting a car
A worker from Popeyes approaches the driver and tells her she's forbidden from placing an order at the restaurant for attempting to cut the line

Updated: 18:28 EST, 5 November 2019

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