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Old 08-28-2019, 07:53 AM
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Default Madison School Board uppity negress grovels for harm to juden caused by Faceberg post


Madison School Board member apologizes for harm caused by Facebook post

Updated: Tue 3:03 PM, Aug 27, 2019

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- A Madison School Board member is apologizing for the harm her Facebook post caused people.

Ali Muldrow posted on Facebook on Saturday around 8 p.m comparing the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center to Nazi concentration camps. She posted in part:

"I think that it's important to talk about what it is like for the students who are arrested at school and end up in the Dane county jail. We would not talk about the role of the Nazis and act as if the experiences people had in concentration camps is a separate issue.

NBC15 contacted Muldrow on Tuesday about her Facebook post.
Muldrow released a statement apologizing for the harm it caused people. She said:

"The Holocaust is the greatest example of mass violence in modern history. There is no part of me that fails to recognize how seriously the suffering inflected by the Holocaust must be taken. I take full responsibility for the impact of my statement. I am deeply sorry for the harm it caused people I want nothing more than to be in solidarity with as we address the injustices of today. I am grateful to the people who have challenged me to consider the many different perspectives of our community as a means of pursuing greater understanding in the interests of unity. The conversation about juvenile incarceration and the disproportionate arrest of children with disabilities, LGBTQ+ youth, children living in poverty, and children of color at school, is a conversation I will continue to be committed to. My hope moving forward is that I will be able to apply the learning so many concerned and constructive community members have offered me to navigating this dialogue with utmost respect while striving for common ground."

Muldrow was elected to the MMSD Board of Education in April 2019. She recently voted against the presence of a School Resource Officer being placed at each of Madison's four high schools. The vote on officers in schools happened in June.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval responded on Tuesday to her Facebook post saying:

“It is unfortunate at a time when agencies like MPD are bending over backwards to increase trust and to enter into meaningful dialogues that will advance collaboration and mutual respect, that a member of our School Board would be inclined to use defamatory rhetoric to make a point. Attributions and inferences born in hot button buzz words only create more barriers to our mutual goal of finding the best ways to educate our children.”

A change.org petition is asking for Muldrow's removal from the Madison School board. As of Tuesday afternoon, it had 125 out of 200 signatures.

Fellow school board member, Ananda Mirilli commented on Muldrow's post stating, "Thanks for directly speaking to the issue of armed police in our schools. Thanks for speaking to the experiences of our students upon incarceration."

Mirilli also voted against the SRO contract in June.

Madison Professional Police Officer Association President Kelly Powers also weighed in on Tuesday on Muldrow's original Facebook post stating:

"Aside from this being universally insulting, I can only sum up this position as- ridiculous -on so many levels. I won’t take the time to address every embellishment or inaccuracy. It is this sort of position that will cause MMSD to continue seeing departures to open enrollment and families moving to neighboring communities.
If you would really like a meaningful response to how truly insulting this is to the SRO’s and the work being done in the school you know where to find them. Better yet, how about a query of the student parents? Their impressions of her comments would better represent if this is an acceptable position and practice for a school board member."
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