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Old 07-11-2019, 03:41 PM
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Default Watch: Bonobo brawl breaks out at Youngstown murder sentencing, deff sow’s sprog hit with Taser


Watch: Fight breaks out at Youngstown murder sentencing, victim’s son hit with Taser

Williams killed his victim by gunning her down on Market Street in Youngstown

Updated: Jul 11, 2019 / 05:45 PM EDT

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man who confessed to murdering his ex-girlfriend was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, but a fight broke out inside the courtroom.

The family of Elizabeth Pledger was about to give their victim impact statements when two of Pledger’s sons tried to jump her killer, Dale Williams.

One of the family sons was hit with a Taser. Both were arrested.

Williams pleaded guilty in the 2017 shooting death of Pledger of Boardman.

Williams killed his victim by gunning her down on Market Street in Youngstown.

Investigators say he confessed that he waited over 45 minutes for her to drive by him on her way to work so he could run her off the road and shoot her.

Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene addressed Thursday’s situation in the courtroom.

“Our deputies there intervened. We had extra officers in the courtroom to begin with,” he said. “I’m sure they knew that there were some tensions with this sentencing hearing. From everything I can see, the officers acted appropriately. In fact, did a pretty good job, in my opinion.”

Both of the victim’s sons were arrested.

Greene said they are being held on contempt charges with additional charges expected.

Williams’ sentencing will be rescheduled because of the disturbance in the court.


Man pleads guilty to running ex-girlfriend off road, killing her on Youngstown sidewalk

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Old 07-12-2019, 10:12 AM
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Default Brothers stage courtroom beatdown of their mom’s killer


Brothers stage courtroom beatdown of their mom’s killer
By Amanda Woods
July 12, 2019 | 10:56am

Two enraged brothers took justice into their own hands at an Ohio courtroom this week — lunging at and pummeling the man convicted of murdering their mother during his sentencing, dramatic new video shows.

Dale Williams, Sr., 62, was about to be sentenced Thursday for gunning down 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart, 46, two years ago in Youngstown — for which he had earlier pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, local station

Dale Williams
Youngstown Police

The victim’s daughter was about to make a victim statement inside the Mahoning County courtroom when her brother suddenly lunged at the accused murderer, knocking him to the floor — and another brother followed, jumping over a railing, the video shows.

The second brother was tased by deputies, who desperately tried to stop them from hitting and kicking the handcuffed defendant.

Both brothers were arrested, according to the report.

Williams’ sentencing was postponed, and he was taken to a hospital to be checked out, the local outlet reported. He could face a sentence of 23 years to life behind bars.

Williams crashed his van into the back of Pledger-Stewart’s car on Market Street near Indianola Avenue back on June 15, 2017, the station reported.

When she got out of her car, he proceeded to gun her down in broad daylight — emptying his weapon, sources told the station.

Youngstown police officers arrived as the shooting took place, and Williams surrendered to authorities, according to the report.

The night before the murder, Pledger-Stewart had filed a report with the Boardman Police Department saying Wiliams was angry and had threatened to catch her in the streets, the station reported.
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