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Old 12-02-2020, 07:05 PM
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Default Latest ad (Dec 2020) for series of Apo booklets, including the latest, 3rd item....

New! For sale to the public (Sep., 2020), third in series of booklets on Satanism having taken-over USA and West, "Christianity Satanized: Overthrow of USA, West; the Present Satanic Dictatorship," 36 pages. Just send $5.00 per copy, plus $2.00 S & H to P.O. Box 380571, San Antonio, Tx 78268; also, see website: SatanismRampant.blogspot.com for info, prices subject to change

Previous booklets in the series are: (16 Feb 2020) "Discover Real Christianity, History, Philosophy, NOT Mere Religion, Myth" (44 pages), and "Satanic Peril and Onslaught, Meme, Idiomatic, and Cyclic History" (64 pages).

FOR EITHER of the first two booklets, "Discover Real Christianity...," or "Satanic Peril...," Single copy $6.00/copy; 3+ copies $5.00/copy; TO GET BOTH COPIES (one of each): $10.00, plus $3.00 S & H; For all three booklets in the series, send $15.00, plus $4.00 S & H.

For either of the first two booklets in series, Add $3.00 for postage, shipping, handling for first copy; add $.50 (cents) per copy for any additional copies in same order.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[sales ad (just below) on back cover of booklet, "Christianity Satanized..."]

What in heaven's name is wrong w. USA these days? Well, the people, way too many of them, have become brain-dead, no less than Joe Biden who ran for office and expects people to vote for someone obviously senile and so utterly out-of-touch. Observe USA is now mere slave to Israel, the "tail-wagging-the-dog," this due much to the criminal central-bank, legalized counterfeiting, which then finances everything else about the corrupted culture.

But note, even more crucially, the very culture itself, beginning w. that fundamental religious/philosophic foundation, has been satanized--that dear Christianity has now become "Judeo-Christianity" which means the very opposite of what Christianity is really all about, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). And the former Republic of USA is now putrid, stinking socialist dictatorship.

The poor, over-populated fools of USA now imagine Judaism (which is anti-Christ by nature and principle) is mere version of Christianity which Christianity was made to combat satanism, like Lutherans are mere variation of Baptists. How did all this horrible, satanic transformation and confusion take place? The over-populated fools imagine Jews, followers of the sect of Pharisees and Talmud who killed and hate Christ (= TRUTH), are same as Judeans, the denizens of Judea at time of Christ. But "Jews" are NOT same as Judeans as Pharisees (the middle-class party) only led about 5% of the pop. of Judea at time of Christ.

Thus folks of USA must be brought clarity and understanding of things and the inexorable course of history--how hist. is CYCLIC, and how things start-out, then develop, but inevitably degenerate due to success, false-prosperity, and hubris. Surely most of all, people need to grasp what Satanism is (extreme subjectivism, making mind/consciousness the source/creator of reality), and how it works, how this Satanism has now, in midst of gross cultural confusion and cognitive dissonance, affected the original Christianity so the present thing is the polar opposite and negation to the present, utterly corrupt "Judeo-Christianity."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christianity Satanized: Overthrow of USA, West; the Present Satanic Dictatorship

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Christianity Satanized: Overthrow of USA, West; to Present Satanic Dictatorship

Chapter Two: The Tragedy of Present Satanic Situation in USA, West

Chapter Three: How is present Christian establishment satanic?--What makes it satanic?


Appendix: Selected Essays on related subjects, Hitler, Cyclic history, Subjectivism, Satanism, Hoffman, etc.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Sales Ad, just below, on back cover for "Discover Real Christianity...,"]

Have u ever noticed Christianity is hated?--but hated by who?--well, Christianity is hated by Satanists to name one group among any others, so why and how is this? For Christianity must be and have a philosophy opposed to the Satanists, right?

And Satanists have a philosophy too--so what would that be, exactly?--isn't it important to know?--especially as satanists really seem to be succeeding. Shouldn't people be alarmed at this satanic success? For this growing Satanism is all around us, evermore in our proverbial faces and actually all over and upon us. People need to wake up.

So what actually is Christianity?--isn't it more than just mumbo-jumbo, chanting, and "feel-good" platitudes?--is there an actual philosophic CORE to it?

So aside fm the "religious" exterior and the mythic story to it, there has to be a genuine CORE to Christianity which is valuable for philosophy. For the ethics practiced and preached by Christ told in New Test. story is what people have always loved and admired, un-questionably--even the Satanists cannot deny, and isn't this admiration and respect for Christian ethics a main thing Satanists detest and hate?

So Christian PHILOSOPHY then is what's MOST important to be understood--why it was (and still is) so successful--why it's nowadays so horribly covered-up and deliberately hidden by its so-called defenders and "leaders." For establishment Christianity is hardly Christian at all, in all truth--it's been infiltrated by anti-Christs, heretics, and Satanists. No wonder people have so little respect for the establishment "Christian" brand.

Real Christianity then, deserves a fair and serious, even if brief examination--for it isn't and couldn't be "rocket-science," and it's got to be more than mere mumbo-jumbo and humbug. So let's find-out what the Satanists, who now rule, don't want us to know and try to hide about dear Christianity and Christian philosophy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Sales Ad, just below, on back cover for "Satanic Peril and Onslaught...,"]

Ask urself: if Satanism came to rule, would they tell u about it?--NO, of course not--they'd rather say it was "dawning of the grand new era of 'New World Order,'" or perhaps the "brave new world."

Satanism--it's extremely serious issue/subject-matter which most of the gullible, diverted, confused people fail to grasp fully--which is why Satanism is so successful so far. For Satanism is NOT mere mysticism or just "religion"; it's deadly serious rationalistic-style philosophy (even if really not "rational") and always disguised in "intellectual" terms and form as necessary and expedient for the heavily-populated masses of fools and suckers (like "liberals" and "progressives," leftists and socialistics).

People must grasp more fully what exactly Satanism is and how it works, including for guises and styles it takes for infiltrating and undermining psychology and culture. People MUST urgently take heed, for Satanism presently RULES, has been ruling for many yrs, and folks need to understand in sufficient detail--millions, even billions, of lives depend upon grasping, most crucially.

Hence the virtue of "Satanic Peril...," by Apollonian, is it explains this urgent problem (more urgent and real than "climate-change") in simple terms, sufficient for all humans, religious or not, in clear, rationalistic, common-sense style.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Discover Real Christianity, History, Philosophy, NOT Mere Religion, Myth

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Christianity Begins As Literature

Chapter Two: Holy Spirit Apprehending Truth

Chapter Three: Christian Philosophy--Anti-Thesis to Satanic Subjectivism

Chapter Four: Summary, Christian Philosophy in Nutshell


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Satanic Peril and Onslaught, Meme, Idiomatic, and Cyclic History

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Intro

Chapter Two: Satanic Peril and Onslaught

Chapter Three: Philosophy of Satanism

Chapter Four: Christianity, the Real Thing

Chapter Five: The Central Bank

Chapter Six: The Moralistic Meme...

Chapter Seven The Great Schizoidal Complex

Chapter Eight: Corruption of Christianity


Apollonian interviewed on-line by Brian Ruhe on Bitchute.
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