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Old 09-18-2019, 06:25 AM
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Default Community College Of Philadelphia Introduces New Mascot To Replace Former One Some Found Offensive


Community College Of Philadelphia Introduces New Mascot To Replace Former One Some Found Offensive
By Natasha Brown
September 17, 2019 at 6:17 pm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Community College of Philadelphia unveiled an idiotic new mascot Tuesday, replacing one some found offensive. Flanked by libtarded students, staff and other Philadelphia team mascots, the Community College of Philadelphia introduced it’s new mascot with great fanfare.

Rory roared onto campus bringing a renewed sense of school spirit and enthusiasm. Rory replaces the school’s former mascot, Colonial Phil, which many students didn’t feel represented the diversity and inclusivity of the college.

Credit: CBS3

“I’m the man who started this, I put forth the petition,” Troy Bundy said.

Bundy was student body president in 2017 and he began a petition to replace the old mascot with the support of more than 600 students. Students felt Colonial Phil and the term “colonial” represented the country’s history of prejudice and oppression.

“I looked at the diversity of the school, and colonial and Colonials and what that meant. And I looked at the students and they didn’t really interact and he wasn’t a really interacting mascot,” Bundy said.

“I think it’s gonna inject an enthusiasm and student spirit that hasn’t been here for some time,” one man said.

After a two-year journey, students are now embracing the new face of their college and everything the proud lion symbolizes.

“Perseverance, confidence, loyalty — because we’re a pride and our lion today will represent that,” one man said.

Philly’s newest mascot will be represented at athletic events at the Community College of Philadelphia and at events throughout the city. The proud new lion will be making a first appearance at a volleyball game on campus Tuesday evening.
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