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Old 09-18-2019, 03:28 PM
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Default BLACK busted after allegedly stabbing Taco Bell patron in the face


Man busted after allegedly stabbing Taco Bell patron in the face
By Tina Moore
September 18, 2019 | 12:01pm | Updated

Cops arrest the man suspected of slashing someone at a Midtown Taco Bell. Robert Miller

A knife-wielding man slashed another man in the face at a Midtown Taco Bell Wednesday morning — but was caught by cops nearby, authorities said.

The brouhaha started around 8:45 a.m. when the man with the knife slashed a 42-year-old man at the restaurant near West 35th Street and 8th Avenue.

“He was cut on the face,” a police spokeswoman said.

A 33-year-old woman, who identified herself as the victim’s wife, was injured after jumping on the man with the knife, cops said. She suffered a small laceration on her face, but the blade-wielder was not charged for her injury, police said.

The slasher, who was wearing a shirt with “ASK locksmith” written on it, took off down 8th Avenue but was caught by plainclothes cops nearby, officials said.

He wasn’t identified and charges hadn’t been filed against him as of late morning. The victims suffered minor injuries and were taken to Bellevue Hospital.

“It may have been homeless males who were fighting,” the NYPD spokeswoman said.

Cops said the slashing happened after a staring match turned into a physical fight — and all those involved in the dust-up have been arrested in the past.
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