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Default Rival Rappers commit mass shooting in Spook Club

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Default Re: Rival Rappers commit mass shooting in Spook Club

Rival rap groups turn musical spat into deadly Mississippi bar fight, leaving two dead, five injured

A fight between two rival rap groups Saturday night at a Pattison bar resulted in the shooting death of two Claiborne County residents and injuries to five other people.

The shooting occurred at approximately 12:53 a.m. Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office investigator Maj. Troy Kimble said Gerreinsha Gibson, 21, and Justin Marshall, 23, were shot when a fight broke out between the rap groups at the Wilson Lounge in Pattison. Autopsies have been ordered.

He said four people have been arrested, but would not identify them or give the charges until after their initial appearance Monday in Claiborne County Justice Court. All four are presently being held without bail in the Claiborne County Jail.

Gibson, Kimble said, was an innocent bystander and Marshall was a member of one of the groups. He said three people were wounded by bullets in the shooting and two others were injured when they were struck by bottles.

Kimble said a group of people were at the bar celebrating a birthday party and the rap groups were performing.

“They had been doing some ‘rap beefing’ on social media; it was an ongoing thing,” Kimble said, adding rap beefing is a dispute where rap groups insult each other through their music. He said the two groups got into an argument that escalated into a fight in which guns were pulled and fired.
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