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Default The only named suspect is Jakobe Brown, the rest are minors!


Two minors arrested in connection with botched Galesburg gun shop robbery.

February 26, 2021

Two minors were arrested in Peoria this week in connection with the death of a Peoria teen during a botched robbery last month at Galesburg Guns and Ammo. The incident happened on January 6th. One of the teens, 17, was arrested on Tuesday, while the other, 15, was arrested on Thursday. Police spokeswoman Amy Dotson said both were initially taken to the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center. Galesburg Police Chief Russ Idle said the teens are facing charges of burglary and first-degree murder in connection with the incident at Galesburg Guns and Ammo. The boys are charged under the state’s felony murder provision, which holds that they are legally responsible for 17-year-old Daryl Keller’s death even though they didn’t shoot him. It was the shop owner who fired several shots at the group of teens who allegedly broke into the business late at night. Last month, State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin said if someone is killed while a forcible felony is being committed, then the offender can be charged with felony murder.

18-year old Jakobe Brown of Peoria, whose vehicle was used in the burglary, was arrested on January 7th in connection to the crime. He’s charged with Felony Burglary and Murder with a pretrial hearing set for Monday, March

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Default Re: The only named suspect is Jakobe Brown, the rest are minors!

Google image search for suspook Jakobe Brown

Missing Jones County teen found - 2016 - HE WAS 13 AT THIS DATE

Teen accused of murder after 17-year-old dies in shooting at a gun store

Fatal Galesburg gun shop shooting has Peoria connection
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