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Default Professional dog walker killed by professional criminal brown men


Lady Gaga New Video Shows Dog Walker Shooting ... And Suspects' Getaway

2/25/2021 11:23 AM PT

TMZ has obtained dramatic, upsetting video, of the actual confrontation between the shooters and Lady Gaga's dog walker which ended with the dog walker shot and 2 of her dogs stolen.

The surveillance video from a neighbor's home shows a white sedan roll up on the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, and 2 men get out of the backseat ... you hear one of the men cock the gun, saying, "give it up."

Fischer puts up a fight, screaming for help and yelling for Koji -- one of the dogs -- before the gun goes off, striking Fischer in the chest ... he immediately hits the sidewalk. Each of the thieves then pile into the backseat, with one dog per person ... the second dog can be heard yelping as it's taken ... and the third dog left behind runs back to Fischer.

The neighbor only agreed to release this video after getting word that Gaga's team wanted it to be seen to catch the shooter and recover her dogs, Koji and Gustav. The neighbor believes the getaway vehicle was a Nissan, it appears it could have been an Altima or Sentra.

TMZ broke the story ... Fischer was out walking 3 of Gaga's French Bulldogs late Wednesday when the attack happened. Gaga has offered $500,000 for their return.

At this time, there are no suspects. Gaga is currently in Rome ... but her team is hopeful the new video will help bring justice for Ryan, and the return of her dogs
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Default Re: Professional dog walker killed by professional criminal brown men

Lady Gaga’s WM Dogwalker Shot By 2 Negros In Hollywood, CA; 2 French Bulldogs Stolen

Police described one of the suspects as a Black man in his early 20s with blond dreadlocks. He was wearing a black hoodie and armed with a semiautomatic gun, police said.

The other was also a Black man in his early 20s wearing dark clothing, according to police.
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