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Old 06-29-2020, 06:41 AM
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Default Jewish teens help successful effort to abolish Oakland’s school police force


Jewish teens help successful effort to abolish Oakland’s school police force
Large contingent of synagogue youth urge school board president -- a fellow congregation member -- to vote for long-sought measure in light of racial justice movement

By Gabriel Greschler 27 June 2020, 4:27 am

J. The Jewish News of Northern California via JTA — The school board in Oakland, California, has unanimously voted to abolish the district’s police force in the wake of the nationwide protests against police brutality — with some urging by teens at a city synagogue.

A large contingent of young people from Temple Beth Abraham, a Conservative congregation, was involved in pushing the board to adopt what was called the George Floyd Resolution, named for the Black man whose death in May at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer sparked the demonstrations.

The resolution, which was passed Wednesday, will reallocate funds to provide social workers, psychologists, restorative justice practitioners and “other mental or behavioral health professionals, as the budget supports, to meet the needs of students.”

It was created by the Black Organizing Project, an Oakland-based group that has fought to reform the city’s school district policies around policing. The organization had been trying to eliminate the district’s police force since 2011, but protests sparked by Floyd’s death injected new energy into the effort.

Several dozen teens and adults from Beth Abraham signed a June 14 letter to Jody London, the school board president and a member of the synagogue.
Oakland School Board president Jody London
. (YouTube screenshot)

“When someone dies in the Jewish community, we say, ‘May their memory be for a blessing,’” the letter read. “In this age of unrest following the murder of George Floyd and countless other Black people by the hands of police, there is heavy demand for not only holding cops accountable, but for defunding and divesting in policing as we know it today.”

London met with the synagogue’s youth on Zoom a few days ago.

“We just tried to stress that [the resolution is] very well-researched and there is a plan in place that [BOP] has been trying to do for so long,” said Satya Zamudio, 15, a rising sophomore at Oakland Technical High School. “It was really important to have this conversation with Jody. To just urge her to stand in solidarity with people of color and to really stress the point that Jews should be on the side of racial justice in this moment.”

Maera Klein, 16, a rising junior at Berkeley High School, said, “I really wanted to bring it to London from a Jewish lens, from within her synagogue, to show her that people from her own Jewish community care a lot about this issue. I would be super proud if my congregation had an influence on passing such a powerful resolution that would really change people’s learning experiences for the better.”

The Oakland Unified School District Police Services Department was created in the 1950s, and out of approximately 1,000 districts in California, Oakland is one of 23 school districts that has its own police force. The department consists of 20 sworn personnel and 120 school site officers, according to OUSD.org.

London’s position on the elimination of the school district’s police force has changed over time.

In March, when the school board voted to make $18.8 million in budget cuts, London voted against cutting any positions from the district’s police force in a 4-3 decision. Two months after that, members of the Black Organizing Project led protests in front of London’s home and those of other board members.
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Old 06-29-2020, 03:46 PM
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Default Re: Jewish teens help successful effort to abolish Oakland’s school police force

This is going to get real HOT soon. Those crazy Berkeley SJWs have not a clue about Oakland's Communist Marxist Revolutionary training & gun history in Moscow!

This is NOT old news, the black gun movement is live!

The Return Fire Movement: Self-preservation is a human right

June 14, 2020

“Mabel Williams has made lifelong contributions in her own right and this needs to be recognized and celebrated. Yes, she was the lifelong comrade and companion of her justly famous husband Robert F. Williams – and she was with him every step of their courageous way – in Monroe, North Carolina, where, as NAACP leaders, they and other activists organized for racial equality and dramatized the right of self-defense against the vicious attacks of the Ku Klux Klan – with Mabel defending her home, Robert, and her two sons with shotgun and determination,” writes Freedom Archives on a webpage devoted to stories, photos and videos about Mabel. “While she often downplayed her role, Mabel, among many other activities, illustrated and wrote articles for their influential newsletter The Crusader, narrated and selected music for their radio program from Cuba, “Radio Free Dixie,” collaborated on the famous book, “Negroes with Guns,” was a strong voice for her people in Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Moscow, China, Japan, Vietnam, Europe and Africa, and met with [communist] revolutionary leaders, such as Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, and Mao Zedong.”

by JR Valrey, Black New World Journalists Society
“An unarmed people are slaves or are subject to slavery at any given moment” – Huey P. Newton, co-founder and Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party
After a few weeks of rebellions in dozens of cities nationwide in response to the police murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Black people, in the Bay Area and beyond, have begun to plan to live in a post-COVID-19 society and a post-2020 rebellion society, which basically translates into us realizing en masse that we have nobody to depend on but ourselves for protection, safety and everything else. This is not a new concept for some, but it is very new for others.
Anyone watching television in the US has watched Black people ruthlessly shot down by police since the dawn of the Obama regime. White vigilante murders of Black people are also on the rise, with the murder of Trayvon Martin, who was barbarically stalked and murdered by George Zimmerman in Florida. And just a few days ago, Robert Fuller, a Black man, was found lynched in Palmdale, California – hanged in front of City Hall.
Black people have to wrestle with the fact that if we want something different, we have to do something different. We must arm and protect our own community. Mainstream corporate media have conditioned us to think guns are bad and Black people with guns are “hooligans,” but a new consciousness is arising in the minds of those tired of seeing our people slaughtered, without repercussions.
“When I see white folks train their children with AR-15s, it’s probably not for hunting. We need every little piece of help to be able to protect our nation. I believe in arming our folks to protect. I don’t go looking for violence, but I believe if we all leave the house, we should be able to come back home without any incident,” said Anthony Dart, a Black Bay Area-based firearms instructor. “But if we run into an obstacle, we should have a plan to get around it.
“No matter who it is, we should always have some type of defense to protect the family. Being armed is just one of many ways to protect the family from anyone who comes to do harm.”

“We must match our threats to be able to stand a chance of survival. There are plenty of racist white gun clubs, where white people are training to keep control of this racist society,” said Scid Howard, the president of the Bay Area Mabel Ola Williams Gun Club, which is specifically for Black people. “They are training their [white] kids as well. It’s all positive when they do it, but Black folks should feel ashamed?” [Denial Deceit and Delusion!]
Corporate media has done a job on us. We have been conditioned to fear guns in the same way that the nation is programmed to fear the image of armed Black people, dating back to slavery. Imagery is powerful. The oppressor never wants to imagine the oppressed with an equalizer and definitely doesn’t want the oppressed to ever realize that their powerlessness is a well crafted and conditioned mirage.
“I have always been into guns. I was just ashamed to talk about it, because Black men are normally associated with gangsterism, when it comes to the topic of guns,” said Scid Howard. “Black people are feared with guns. I never understood why, but now I over-stand why. It was designed for me to feel powerless and ashamed.”

“We are purposely left out of this kind of education. An educated armed Black man is this country’s biggest fear.”

"There is a war going on where Black people are the target, and we are not fighting for our own survival."

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